We're all children of the Sun

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As the sun conjuncts my muse
I feel it starting to enthuse
all my mental faculties
inspiring poetry with ease

Mercurius my leading light
like lightning flashing through the night
elucidating clarity
a lightning node for all to see

exalted in Aquarius
a natal chart bestowed with bliss
the gift of penmanship and more
communicating what’s in store

Now Sol applies a transit cross
conjunct my muse just like a boss
inflaming luminescence bright
imposing in its sheer delight

To you it means naught but to me
abundance of verbosity
appears to bless my word creation
from the pulpit congregation

Get me to my old soap box
for I declare it’s me who rocks
with every word upon my lips
and from my pen and fingertips

Bold lyrics to my anthem blue
my rainbow flag with every hue
electric cornucopia
of words for all assembled here

declaring boldly never fear
when mind and voice are ringing clear
that destiny upon this page
erupts right now from this grand mage

Illuminati masonry
and Zionist hegemony
has overridden planet earth
our mother who has given birth

to every living entity
to every sovereign person free
therefore I stand to warn you all
that zionism now must fall

demonic brutes not even jews
but Khazars with a petty ruse
destroying holy Palestine
Jerusalem and every shrine

Today I don’t hold back one word
you may think I’m totally absurd
observing destiny’s sharp sword
obliterate the evil horde

for fundamentalist myopic ways
that seem to show the end of days
no longer fit in this our land
therefore we take the firmer stand

Jihadi Muslim ignorance
is also trying to convince
the world that god is on their side
as rape and murder they abide

Well both are evil in their slant
from "yes we can" to "no we can’t"
the battle for our planet earth
still rages on since my own birth

And rage on further so it will
unless we take the big red pill
and wake up every sleeping soul
to simple truth that we’re one whole

since every human resident
of planet earth can be content
remembering our shared ancestry
as spirit souls in liberty

We are one tribe, one human race
one people on the planet’s face
get over superficial views
and shallow insight of whose who

wake up sit down and lose the sword
engage instead with pen and word
my brother sister every one
we are all children of the sun

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