The History Of Things!

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The history of things,
tall tales that overthrow ,
that stunted our growth,
and eradicate the boundaries
our ancestors put in place,
feeding the negativity
that kept our voices weak
we stumbled forward upon the shoulders of men
that try to keep us at bay.

Searching for recognition
in the eyes of those that fall in line,
hope arrives in waves
and just as quickly
is carried away by the rising heat.
conflicting images
filling empty spaces within our minds,
who among us sensed the wild.
The scent of the wilderness
caressing our sense of self
calling on us to stand our ground!

In time with this constant beat,
distorted as we move forward
and leave the wickedness to those who feel incomplete!

Stories woven
in the blink of an eye,
carved from all we left behind,
and who among us
takes the first step
breaking away
from this well worn path!


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@trucklife-family, In my opinion in this world so much is wrong and feels like Humanity got deceived long time ago.

Let's hope that soon Truth will reveal itself.

Have a blessed time ahead.

Truth is being revealed all the time, we just got to look deep to see it. Thank you @chireerocks xx

Welcome. 🙂

A truly interesting composition! The topic you speak on seems to be the on-going human chase of self-sovereignty and freedom. To begin at the end, I must say that calling the boundary-filled path of those that came before us and many of whom are still here around us a 'well worn' one is very powerful.

This is a superb call for people to drop the 'wickedness' of the past and begin to carve a new way for themselves and ultimately for man as a whole. The caressing of our sense of self by the scent of the wilderness - the unknown - evokes a beautiful image and strongly supports the idea of hope embedded deeply in us all, especially the seekers and those who take the necessary steps toward freedom.

'Hope arrives in waves' - this cyclical nature of the ocean, which is a great metaphor for hope, mingles with the nature of time as a whole and entertains the idea of history being a wave pattern of crests and throughs - ups and down - in which we are mere observers; in the same way we witness waves come and go, the tide come in and then retract, we are nothing more than witnesses of the cycles of time - history.

Thank you for sharing this nice piece of poetry with us all!

I have recently created a new community for poets on here - Poets of Hive.
It would be great if you checked out the introductory post and joined if you are interested.
Keep up the good work!


Thanks so much and yes you guessed well the meaning behind my words. i will check out your community for sure. Thank you for your lovely feedback, I appreciate it a lot xx

You are welcome!
Thank you!

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Beautifully written

Thanks so much @pandamama, I hope you had a wonderful birthday xxx

It really was a special memorable birthday

Thankyou for the steps YOU take into the wild, my love.

Recommending @litguru's post today and did you catch @owasco's poem? I'm so in love with the beautiful writers on HIVE today I even feel like doing a special curation just for y'all.

Except - tired! xx I'd love to hear this as a spoken word honey.

thank you beautiful, I know I need to get on with doing some spoken word, one day....... Love you xxx

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