BrosinoPoker/Hive Poker League needs more players like you! Showcase your poker skills and WIN HIVE!

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Hey everybody,

Going to get straight to the point. The poker league NEEDS MORE PLAYERS LIKE YOU! So sign up, come play, and win some hive! Over the course of 5 months I won almost 300 hive and paid for a browingman package out of those same winnings so it was closer to 400 hive I won over that span. The league has upped their registration requirements in an attempt to divvy out the prize pools to more players, that COULD BE YOU! So bring your poker skills and sign up at and come play in the daily/weekly/monthly tournaments and win some HIVE!

Here is the freeroll poker schedule with the Hive prize pools
Here is my last cash out (approximately 5 months of winnings)


meh - too much ugly talk (calling people retarded and whatnot) and "fart" chat
the games are alright, but it's a generally unpleasant environment