Both Idealism and Nationalism in Large Concentrations Promote Dangerous Outcomes

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We have been in an era for the last few years which I think is pushing us to a bubble that is going to explode. Not a financial bubble, but rather a civil and social one as competing ideologies mixed with intense idealism and Nationalism are pushing people away from eachother. The problem is we have become so divided as a country at this point that you are either on one of the two sides or you are pushed out to the fringes.

It feels like when it comes to not only politics but moral beliefs, the spectrum between the two sides is slowly disappearing. On the idealistic side, you have many people who are so liberal that many people who used to be liberals are now conservatives and the same thing on the nationalistic side but in the other direction. People who were moderates on either side feel they are now closer to each other than many of the people in their actual parties.

To the extremist left anything anyone does which they don't agree with is suddenly a move by a Nazi or someone who deserves to be punished. On the opposite side you have many people moving towards a more nationalistic mind frame where people who do things they disagree with are un-American and should just leave the country. Both these frames of mind are dangerous when pent up. Over time eventually something is going to snap and we are going to see undesired outcomes that nobody wants.

I honestly don't know if I see any fixing things at this point until the situation blows up in someones face. I think we might need to wait for that natural reset to happen when people realize that they are fighting for no purpose at all. I think the extremist left sees these social justice issues as the call of their generation while many on the other side are either choosing extreme reactions to extreme situations or simply do believe much of the rhetoric that is being pumped out.

The extremist left ideas are just as bad as the nationalistic right ideas and the majority of people are quietly on the sidelines. People generally dont like confrontation which is why they stay quiet but I think more moderate voices are going to eventually need to come out and discredit both sides. The way things are in this country right now are brewing for disaster. People on both sides are afraid of saying the wrong thing because the extremists of the group are usually the loudest and most prominent voices that you hear. Dont be pulled into either of these groups and speak up for a more moderate side. We can disagree with eachother without wanting to kill one another.



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very true excellent post

Ideologies are heavily influenced by the circumstances. These right and left ideologies will continue to polarize until the overall situation changes. The Overton window (range of acceptable political debate) is not set in stone. Moderate does not automatically mean correct or more reasonable.