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RE: The hand of the invisible men: How the social hierarchy works.

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Im not sure if you will check comments under your old post @vieira, but I would like to thank you for sharing that link with me.

In this way, I decided to describe the current social structure based on the knowledge I have gained about the way in which some things work.

Very valuable info. Obviously post to old to upvote.

I believe that history has shown us that it is the beliefs of the people that determine the material conditions and not the other way around.

I live around many Chinese people on daily basis and they beliefs and entire lifestyles are determined by material conditions. Money is everything.



Oh yes, that's something very common in modernity, if culture is created based on the economy, then everything will be determined based on material conditions.

Comments are always appreciated, it does not matter if they are in old posts, thanks to you then for passing. Regards!

Appreciate your kind comment @vieira

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