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RE: The hand of the invisible men: How the social hierarchy works.

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you worked very hard on this post.
it's a shame it's all wrong.
at the bottom of the social structure, any social structure.
is tribalism...the family or the extended family.
everything else is derived from that.


Yes, it is possible that it is so, I did not explain it in that way, but it is within the possibilities, I do not believe that what I have said is incompatible with this.

I'd say it's directly incompatible.
the maximium viable most effecient social organization is the monkeysphere (the extended family...the tribe).

when the number of people exceed dunbar's number the efficiency of interaction goes down...people begin to act irrationally, the larger the more so. to the point where they actions are insane.

Large organizations ARE insane...

or at least that's the way it looks like to me...after over fifty years of personal observation.

And of course the tribal or family model is incompatible with this mastodon that we have today, what I meant, is that I could have said that tribalism was at the base of the pyramid, and even then I would not change the structure that I explained , it's just a question of semantics, because what I tell is not how I want things to be, but how more or less I think it is in the present, of course, there is no absolute precision.

can't argue with the (insane) mastadon part...