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RE: The hand of the invisible men: How the social hierarchy works.

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You missunderstood materialism. In philosophy materialism is the opossite to idealism, that things exists no matter we perceive them or not. Materialism is not related to be interested just in your own satisfaction, that is hedonism.


What is your argument to say that I do not understand materialism?

Did you read the post?

I read it briefly, i´m not making a book about it. Don´t take me wrong, that piramid is missleading, even when your post has bright, that image doesn´t help it.

It is illustrative, when I did it I did not give it the least importance. Thanks for the observation, in view of the various inconveniences that the image has brought me, in the future I will be more careful about it.

Did you read what the piramid says?

I wrote what the pyramid says.

I think I'm going to have to eliminate the image, you're the third person who is infatuated, with the pyramid, a guy recorded a video and everything. It seems to me that they do not even read the content, the image is merely accessory, the descriptions of the image are superficially descriptive, they are not made to explain, but to illustrate. In the post I refer to both dialectical materialism and historical materialism, and as in the present, both beliefs are the predominant idea.

Hahahaha i´m not making a video, i have no time for that. But yeah, it is noisy.

Belive me, your post is good, i don´t hate you.

I was not referring to you, there is another subject who made a video about it, saying that all my publication was wrong. The worst thing is that he had not even read it, he had simply seen the image. lol

Entiendo, sólo decía que yo no te iba a hacer eso. Acabo de ver que escribes en español también ¡Salud!