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RE: The climate change trilemma - today's heet

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Germany has not faced any notable issues with nuclear issues to date, so I believe it would have been safe for it to keep the nuclear reactors on in all this time. Especially as it has one of the world's biggest economies. It can make all the efforts to keep it safe, and still running.


Especially since, for every year Germany's nuclear power plants stay mothballed, this "one of the world's biggest economies" is not idling but rather burning lignite, the worst-of-the-worst type of coal, to keep the lights on and the machines powered, emitting in the process between 300 and 500 Million tonnes of CO2 MORE than they would have with nuclear.

And there is only ONE "CO2 budget" for the whole planet - no matter where it is emitted, it's that much less the planet as a whole can afford and still stay within the 1,5° or even 2°