He's not alright

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At the risk of making some Peterson fans upset, I have to say that seeing this man's emotional decline is nothing beautiful to look at. I mean, there was a time when he could say what was on his mind without it being all about himself and his emotions, but those times are long gone it seems.

How are you?

Lately he's had emotional breakdowns talking about simple things. They literally asked him how he was, and his response was as emotional as you could imagine.

What is going on? He needs to take a longer break in my opinion.


Yes, I'm not a fan of Peterson per say. I happen to disagree with quite a bit of his ideas, and his fixation on cultural-marxism has gotten old and blunt.


Unlike most people who say to disagree with a thinker, I do happen to listen to him. I've gone as far as to read his book, which was, to be honest, painful at times.

Around the time when chaos became female, he lost me, but hey, I carried on and finished the darn thing as to not stay safely inside my bias bubble.



He decided to tweet this just because. I mean, he just had to, he had to defend us from the offensive picture of a beautiful woman, and let us know that the authoritarian tolerance, which is an adjacent word to the whole marxism movement he fear mongers about all the time.


Let's admit is comical, it is. Why? Well, because it seems pulled directly from a comedy skit.

"Authoritarian Tolerance"

As a matter of fact, there's a dark comedy that truly enjoyed called "The Art of Self Defense" that has these lines at the end, delivered by the new sensei at the dojo.

"It is possible to be brutally tolerant or peacefully savage" - Ana

I can hear your thoughts right now and I can almost predict your typing. But before you continue writing your reasons why it's not the same, let me say this.

We can all twist logic, we can all rationalize almost anything if we really try. This is a very important mental method that allows us to cope, to quiet down the voices in our head when we don't understand our interpretation of reality, but in cases like this, I think we are misfiring more than anything.

Let's be honest about two things

  1. What we find beautiful in society is not static. As a matter of fact all the oil paintings of the past show us that we, as a society, used to think some meat to the bone was desirable. So feeling attraction for a girl with love handles is not some radical idea.

  2. Most men, myself included, if single and given the opening, would find absolutely no issue with being with the model in the picture, granted the whole thing was consensual. Yes, I'm sure there are a few guys or gals for that matter who don't find her attractive, but I will venture to say they are not a majority.

In conclush

Jordan Peterson is not OK, not even close. He wants to appear to be so, but he is too fragile to take what is still willing to give. As the old saying goes, if you can't handle the heat don't work in the kitchen.

I know it's his "business model" so to speak. He's supposed to probe, to provoke, to fight for the "pleas of young men" (his words, not mine), but he's not up to the task, and he's just hurting his brand at this point.

Oh, before I go, he quit twitter after people piled on him for being so petty about a magazine cover. At the end of the day, who gives a flying f...? It's just a stupid cover. Right?



Something has felt off about him for years. I agree with him on some points but every time I mention him I feel like I have to say "I'm not really a fan of Jordan Peterson but..." I think I got really turned off by him when I was doing a deep dive into MGTOW and he was a recurring theme.

i don't get his MGTOW leaning. He's married, has a daughter who is trying to emulate him. I just don't get it.

I know little about the guy, but he could have said nothing. She probably doesn't fancy him either. Judging people by their looks is shallow, but there is a massive industry around body image. It's still good to a woman with a natural body rather than a starved model. Not sure I've even seen him on Twitter, so I won't miss him.


One would think he's an Adonis, right? hahaha


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