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RE: Modern slavery: The human as a productive factor.

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Feminism always played into the hands of business. Before, only half of the population was being worked and taxed (men). Feminism brought women into the workforce, bringing more revenue and labor to both big business and government. Plus, it created more social tension between the sexes, ensuring that they will never work together to stop the real oppressors.


Don't forget that it doubled the workforce, thus reducing the pay of all through supply and demand.

I wrestle today with formulating a reasonable response to feminism because of the fact that feminism utterly destroys family, which is the foundation of civilization, yet women are undoubtedly free people and a just society must not suppose that men alone might vote or work at their sole option.


Any suggestions or encouragement? What have you so far made of your insights? Can you observe a changing lifestyle for yourself?
I can tell that my life changed a lot since I became a mother. To the better. Though financially I never will reach the income I once had. But it has low priority.

I may start a family one day but not until I am financially independent. I don't want government and business to interfere with my life. They have done enough damage. They are only interested in exploiting my friends, family, time and money. Only by being financially independent, I can protect myself and the people I care about.

having children ist not about money or time, is what I learned.

It's wanting to father or mother younger ones, it's a generational thing and an order of life. If you're having a gift or a talent you want to show to younger people, you needn't to be a parent necessarily but could also be a role model for nephews/nieces or neighbor kids etc. It's about wanting to have to do with different generations. The young learn from the older and vice versa. To come into touch with different age groups brings variety and abundance to ones life.

Doing that with own children is a bit easier because you are more forced into this system of different people. A reason for children is maturation of the self. Nowadays it's harder to mature and the children have a much more difficult role when they get immature parents who must learn to become adults through parenthood. But it's the way it is.

I haven't known this but now it has become obvious for me.

If you do have an urge towards wanting to give something of you, you should start from where you are. No matter if with own kids or kids from other people.

I agree. However, I think you underestimate the power of money; it can tear down families and relationships in the blink of an eye. Perhaps this is a difference in our cultures. You are obviously fron Germany but I am from New York City.

I appreciate your insight.

I am very realistic about money. As I know that many people actually cannot handle money (once it's in their hands and a lot of it).

I choose not to lure myself and earn little. It was a free choice of mine. So it doesn't bind my time. I am only working about 17 hours a week. When you want to earn more you must put a lot of more time and energy into it. There is no independence in financial success. If you want to stay financially successful it'll eat up most of the energy. When money is the driving force it will drive you. What other people do is none of my business:)

If they decide on destroying relationships, they just take the money to blame. It's neither the money nor the materialistic matters which tear down families. It's the worries.

New York seems to be a tough environment. What does support you for your own well being? Where do you get orientation?

Sadly, by considering economics at all when considering being human, you are falling prey to the psyop of every profiteering endeavor. Society is far more than an economy, and if you but spend a moment in consideration you will note that the largest and best families aren't particularly invested in currency.

My point being that you are allowing money to blind you to the real wealth family is to people. I hope you can see further and better than I, who have but three sons to my credit.

In hindsight, I wish I had started my family(s) much earlier in life, rather than waiting until I was in my 30s.

You misunderstand me. Money isn't my main objective; it's time. Being independent mean that no one can take that time from me. I want to use that time to spend with my loved ones. Because time is a resource I will never get back. I have no intention of becoming the man in the gray flannel suit.

I want to believe you. Really I do. But I feel that your perspective would fit better in an earlier time. It's 2018 and we are dealing with unstoppable forces that encroaches upon our nature as humans. In order to preserve that nature, many of us will have to make difficult choices. Mine is simple; If the numbers (money + time) don't add up, then I won't have a family.

Thanks a lot for your input

I noted that I traded my money for time with my family. What I meant by this was that I just didn't leave to earn, and instead stayed and helped my family learn.

You can create necessary time with family, or you can do other things. Since you're presently doing other things, you are not spending time with your family.

This is the bare fact.

You will do you. I pray you are always pleased with the results. Fortunately for me, I lived to regret a great deal of foolishness, and have thereby learned some small bit of wisdom. It is what I most regret that I am happiest to have learned from today.

You do not need money to have time. Time isn't money.

You will do you, and I pray you are happy in the coming days with what you do today. If you want kids, the longer you have to spend as their parent, the more you will have to rejoice about. If money is not what you seek, but time with your family, it makes no sense to wait to have a family until you have more money. You are spending that time you could be spending on your family on money.