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RE: Modern slavery: The human as a productive factor.

in #politics2 years ago

I think we need to define what freedom truly is. Because while you make an excellent point that women have a deluded idea that wage slavery is freedom, the family unit is also a form of slavery. The reason is that as long as someone can hold you hostage and withhold your only means of supporting yourself (salary), you can never be free.


Salaried work is not slavery, slavery is to subordinate your whole life to that. And certainly if one person's partner is totally dependent on the other, then it will be at his mercy and the result will be the same.

If you want material wealth you must work, if you want a family you must have a partner, but if you completely subordinate yourself to any of these things (as to anything else) then you depend on them, and you will not be free.

And I referred to the partner, and not the children, because the latter are their responsibility, and all the people, especially the free ones, must take charge of their responsibilities.

Subordinating completely to anything is exactly slavery, but doing it specifically in the work is the same kind of slavery we have seen in history.