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RE: Can Language & Speech Control the Masses? - NVC #02

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The physiology and psychology and applications of language have been the heart of my adult studies and this post is, in my opinion, so necessary right now. I love the maps analogy, and the visual does a fantastic job of displaying the complexity of processing we use constantly. Language and cognition disorders are often difficult to feel confident with when identifying the layer of the perception that has functional impairment.

The equalizing factor of all language (external or internal) and sensory data exist in our unique perception of consciousness really highlights the ease with which we are so influenced by the vocabularies. Popular culture, shaped by the modern authoritarians of media and government, guides the moralities of so many that would restrict free speech when it serves. I believe living in a state of compassion can be so difficult to obtain today because it is obscured by virtue signaling for altruism, at the expense of the individual.

Love and care for yourselves, my steemit family; you are so very worth it!! ;*