Trump 2024? An Enemy of the Deep State is a Friend of Mine

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The more the establishment attacks Donald Trump, the more I start to like him. I did not vote for Trump in 2016. Back then, I was fully blue-pilled, a default liberal, though mostly apolitical. All the podcasters, YouTubers, and Twitterers (Xers?) I followed were mostly mainstream liberals who saw Trump as a racist/fascist/sexist joke who had zero chance of winning, so I thought the same. Then when Trump did win, that was my first red-pill moment. I realized I could not trust the mainstream news I had been following because they were clearly wrong about Trump—at least about the fact that he could not win. They were either delusionally clueless or deliberately lying.

I then sought new information sources, those who more accurately reported about Trump and political news in general. This led me to libertarianism. During Trump’s presidency I got deeper and deeper into the libertarian rabbit hole, becoming an anarcho-capitalist. I saw all politicians as useless idiots at best, and evil psychopaths at worst. I rejected both the Democrats and the Republicans, and saw the very idea of government (or any leaders) as both immoral and dysfunctional.

Though my opinions of politicians overall hardened, my opinion of Trump in particular softened. He was portrayed by the media as “literally Hitler,” an “unprecedented” threat to democracy, and the worst president ever. This is when I realized many of the people I previously followed such as Stephen Colbert, Jon Oliver, and Sam Harris had “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS). Their perception of Trump was wildly off-base. They hated Trump so much, more for his tone and demeanor than anything he actually did. Trump essentially governed like a 90s Democrat, but he spoke like an 80s movie bully—like the same Chads who bullied them in high school, triggering them with TDS.

So I continued to dislike Trump but only in the way that I disliked all politicians. To me, he was no better or worse than Obama or Bush. Though I at least came to find his tweets and speeches funny. I enjoyed the way he exposed the corruption and hypocrisy of the establishment and showed that the entire government is a joke. But I could not vote for him in 2020 because of the reckless spending and money-printing he did during his presidency, growing the size of the government to the largest ever, and failing to “drain the swamp” as he had promised. So I voted for the libertarian candidate, not that the vote even mattered in my state.

I never thought I would have a third chance to vote for Trump, but now I am seriously considering it. While in office, he failed to dismantle the power of the deep state, which only seemed to grow more powerful. But the more the deep state (the mainstream media, FBI, CIA, NGOs, etc.) continues to attack him unfairly, the more sympathy I feel for Trump—and the more I start to consider that perhaps, in a second term, he might actually know how to drain the swamp (attack the people currently attacking him). Why else would the swamp be resorting to such drastic measures to ensure he won’t be elected?

The more information that comes out about the Jan. 6 “Insurrection®,” the more it seems to be a false flag instigated by the deep state to make Trump and his base look bad—to ensure that the Trump movement would die and he could never run for office again. As for the election itself, I’m sure there was some fraud, but who knows how much. However, all the charges being filed against Trump now are petty and clearly politically based. The only motivation is to prevent him from running and/or winning the presidency in 2024.

Like I said, I saw Trump’s first term as a failure. The deep state remained entrenched and basically got all they wanted done (the war machine continued). Trump did not drain the swamp. So why then is the deep state going to such extremes to defeat Trump now? Is it pure TDS? Sure, many of the media and politicians still have a distorted strawman view of Trump as a racist/sexist/fascist who is “literally Hitler.” But the deepest of the deep state is smarter than that. Those behind Ray Epps and the “Insurrection®” don’t fear Trump because of his “racist dog whistles,” but for what he might actually do to the deep state when back in power.

During his four years in the White House, the belly of the beast, Trump learned the hard way about how the deep state works. He learned who he can and can’t trust, who is truly “America first” and who is a swamp creature secretly plotting against him. I was initially skeptical that Trump had learned those lessons (which is why I didn’t vote for him in 2020), but judging by how forcefully the deep state is playing its hand to try to defeat Trump in 2024, they clearly fear him. That fear must stem from their belief that Trump learned his lessons and will be better equipped to battle the deep state if elected again. If that is the case, I might actually vote for him this time around. The more the deep state attacks Trump, the more I come to like him. An enemy of the deep state is a friend of mine.


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