Some impressions of the place I call home - Monte Frio, Portugal

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As described in my post from a week ago, How to Talk with Your Parents - my latest mini game, I was struggling somewhat with leaving The Netherlands and going back to my home in Portugal:

I am flying back to Portugal in less than 48 hours and am having mixed feelings about it but you know what, it's okay. I have a life too ;>)

As soon as I left The Netherlands, though, the adventure started. More on that can be found in my latest post, that you can find here:

Back in Portugal - Traveling is never boring

And then, two days back, after spending three nights and days with my twin sister and her amazing family of four, as well as with a lot of their guests and friends ( in other words, a couple of days with loads of other people, speaking three languages - Dutch, English, Portuguese - and even a little bit of three other languages; Spanish, German and some words of French ), it was time for some much needed alone time and breathing space again.

So, on Saturday afternoon, my brother in law drove me to the quiet hamlet where my house resides: Monte Frio ( Cold Mountain ). My twin sister, niece and nephew came along to have dinner at my place. We drove in their 1984 - temporary - Jeep, through what appeared to be true Autumn weather ( coincidentally on the 21st of September ).

I loved to see wild nature again, in all its roughness, including birds of prey hanging in the air. I hadn't realized how much I missed these kind of things.

After the arrival,

I found out that - while I had been abroad - my sister ( and one of their camping guests ) had done some home improvement in both my living room and kitchen. If another friend of theirs hadn't talked too much ( the day before ) I wouldn't have had the faintest clue about this but it was a nice surprise anyway.

My house feels even more like home now.

More importantly, it was things that I had talked about or improvements on things that were already there, so the 'autist' in me didn't feel like they shouldn't have changed my stuff. Besides that, my twin sister knows me ( and my taste ) better than anyone.

I cooked them a pasta, we had dinner together and then, early in the evening, they drove off.

It's now 48 hours later and I'm feeling better hour by hour, day by day. My battery is slowly recharging and I realize again what a beautiful and peaceful place this is. I can count myself lucky.

Although, whilst not being here, I was seriously considering to rent out this place for many months a year, while being someplace else ( possibly The Netherlands ), I now wonder why I would want to do this. If I can find a way to feel less alone out here ( meet a nice woman who wants to share part of her life with me, invite friends and family over more often ), become more mobile, make some more friends over here and find or set up some nice - preferably creative - activities to spend time on, in the area, it won't be too hard to spent most of my time up here.

I feel it's gonna happen, sooner rather than later. And even if it doesn't, it won't hurt trying.

It's Good to Be Back!

P.S. Since my arrival I spoke to two friends ( one of them is considering to visit me later this year ), my brother ( who decided to prolong his holiday and visit me and my twin sister's family here later this week ) and another friend who will visit me at the end of October. Besides that, my younger sister and her family ( who live in The Netherlands ) will visit in the third week of October. I also reached out to a Portuguese filmmaker who's also on Steemit if he's still up for doing a film jam over here. Seems like I need to make sure to keep some free space in my agenda ;>)

Let's conclude with a bunch of pictures of - in no particular order - the view from my balcony, my town ( seen from a distance ) and from pictures taken in the streets, as well as the freshly painted name of the one and only local restaurant ( Terra Bela ) and nets full of fresh fruit and veggies ( bought from the truck that arrives in town every Sunday afternoon ):

My town, seen from a walk IMG_2163[1].JPGIMG_2131[1].JPGIMG_2128[1].JPGGYBW9620[1].JPGEEHS0028[1].JPGIMG_2123[1].JPGIMG_2120[1].JPGIMG_2118[1].JPGIMG_2114[1].JPG


It's such a nice little area, renting it out as an AirBnB or something would totally work, and so would living there yourself XD And from ensuring that you don't get lonely don't get too busy either ;D

renting it out as an AirBnB or something would totally work, and so would living there yourself XD And from ensuring that you don't get lonely don't get too busy either ;D

True that. Right now I'm really focusing on enjoying to live here as much as I can. If I'd ever rent it out, I would probably not go for AirBnB but for friends ( of frriends ) or acquaintances, as I don't want to deal with all the hassle of having strangers in my house.

The same goes for the lonely vs busy dilemma. I'm working on that too. For now, in my head, next step will be the actual doing ;>)

One of the best that I've seen today

Glad you enjoyed it Daniella! :>)

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Welcome home!

Thank you buddy! How is the film making going? Are you on a ( much needed ) break?

Hey there! It's going slow, but well. I'm writing some updates now actually, and no break is in sight. Things are about to get a lot busier before they don't. How about yourself?