Be POSH, Engage and help Hive Thrive | A Challenge sponsored by Blocktrades, Theycallmedan, Threespeak and OCDB

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The Hive Blockchain has been alive for a little more than a month, and we already proved as a community that decentralization and team work is a main factor to attract new users, investors, developers and content consumers.

Another key factor for this, especially for content creators and content consumers is Engagement and interaction at post level... and let's face it, the comment engagement in your average Hive post is not ideal.

Short introduction to what this is about

Engagement and interaction can't be bought, and when anybody attempts to do so, is doesn't come off organically, it is - most of the times - fake, forced engagement.

But it can be rewarded. The key is to encourage it, without going overboard and cross the line where spammers and milkers are attracted to game the system.

One thing is clear, there is no interaction & engagement culture and mindset in our Blockchain. Granted, there are many Hiveans who engage on a daily basis on tens of posts, but those are the minority.

The point of this challenge is to organically start to shift the mindset of content creators on Hive, and little by little increase content consumption and interaction in the high quality creator's posts.

The Challenge: Be POSH, Engage and help Hive Thrive

This Challenge will last indefinitely and we will make weekly updates, but the goal of this challenge is that it lasts indefinitely, that being said...

The point of this challenge is to increase organic interaction on high quality posts and for that the reward vote mindset also needs to change, that is exactly why @blocktrades, @theycallmedan, @threespeak and @ocdb are going to dedicate a % of out voting power to reward engagement on some posts every day.

There are two sides of this Challenge, two ways for you to make Hive even greater, you can either:

Post High quality content on Hive and then follow the #POSH initiative rulesOREngage with meaningful, well thought comments on Posts that are #POSH

It's that easy, all you need to do is pick what suits you the most - or better yet, both - and do your part to make those High quality posts trend on Hive, get more eyes on Twitter AND reward the authors with a meaningful, engaging comment section.

Maybe you are not meant to be a great content creator, but perhaps you are one of the best content consumers out there, and it is time to recognize and reward people like you.

How should you post to join this Challenge?

  • The topic is open. You can post about whatever you want, it just needs to be high quality, just limit it to one post per day that you will be sharing on Twitter.
  • On your Hive post, use the tag #POSH and post to a specific community - it doesn't matter which one, as long as it exists and it's got an audience. If you don't know of a community or can't decide where to post, then posting to the OCD community (174578) is for you.
  • Share your Hive post on Twitter. Use the most characters on Twitter, make it appealing to the outside users - perhaps describe your post, clickbait, encourage others to read it, you pick - and use the hashtags #hive and #posh.
  • At the bottom of your post, invite readers to comment on the post, as engagement MAY get rewarded due to the (challenge link) initiative. At the same time, leave a link to yout Twitter Post to show #ProofOfShare - #POSH.
  • If you are a video creator, follow the same guidelines but post through @threespeak.

How should you engage on a post to join this Challenge?

  • Browse Hive and/or Twitter for #Hive and #POSH posts.
  • Interact with the author on Twitter - perhaps a retweet, a favorite, a comment... or even better, a retweet with comment, so your own followers see the post and head to Hive.
  • Head to the Hive post and leave a meaningful, thought of, engaging comment.

It really is that easy to help Hive Thrive

But wait, this challenge is not made to reward ALL the content or ALL the comments that follow this- No, no.

The point of this Challenge is to increase Hive content interaction and change the mindset of long term users, to experiment if we as a community can shift to having content consumption as good as content creation.

So, not every high quality post following the POSH initiative will be rewarded - it will only increase the author's chances of getting a big boost from the sponsors.

At the same time, not all those who comment on these posts will get a vote, but only those who happen to interact with some of the posts picked every day.

The posts will be picked RANDOMLY from the pool of the high quality content shared on Twitter, and the meaningful comments boosted will be those on the picked posts - provided they are well thought of comments.

To begin with, we will randomly pick ten posts every night - 10:00 PST time - that followed this initiative and we will begin to encourage the shift towards engagement on Hive posts.

Remember, this is an ongoing challenge and we will only post one update (rewards sent to null by the way) every week to keep you on the loop.

In the meantime, we hope you join us on helping Hive Thrive.


There is already an engagement league by @abh12345, we are looking into how we can join efforts very soon so these two initiative can help everyone make Hive Thrive!

This initiative is a join effort of @blocktrades @threespeak and @ocd-witness. One good way of showing us your support, is voting for them as witnesses.

If you don't know what witnesses to vote for, or you don't want to get involved in governance, you can set me as proxy here

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This is probably one of the best initiatives on HIVE so far. Engagement on my posts gives me so much satisfaction! In fact some of my posts that I consider to me the most rewarding aren’t the ones with the highest payout, but the highest number of engaging interaction!

I agree 100%. The engagement and relationships you build far outweigh the post payout, especially in the long run.

It actually can be a bit of a let down when you get some big votes but absolutely no comments. I mean, it's nice to have support, don't get me wrong; but you want to feel like people actually read what you wrote. Otherwise what the hell is the point?

Absolutely mate, knowing that people has actually read your post and has something to say about it, or has benefited from it in some way gives the motivation to write the next one. Not underestimating the payput value at all, that is essential as well. Both a decent payout and engagement would be the perfect combo!

There's been a lot of people who's told me that regardless of the post rewards, getting interaction on their posts is what boosts their morale the most, so I agree with this, we need more engagement!

yup I'm one of them =)

I'm really looking forward to this engagement initiative, it can only be good for the community.

Yes, I agree, @anomadsoul that interaction on posts is a morale booster... otherwise, it feels like we're talking to ourselves :)

I hope you enjoy my last post on Covid & cryptos (for the posh initiative)

@simplifylife great to see you back

Hey @nitego, it's great to hear from you! Hope everything is going well on your side.

Yes, I've been back for a few months now :)

We are all well. It's great to be back on a new platform. Looking forward to reading your write up.

Great initiative, but Disagreements on rewards.

Fair. I hope you push the initiative to the German community and help Hive Thrive

Great stuff.

Glad to see some big names ready to support those making the effort to curate, or consume, content each day and leave some valuable commentary.

New and existing accounts should be looking to consume much more than they produce, not only to bolster the content they curate, but also attract other accounts to their feed.


Hopefully more and more people will shift into rewarding comments as well as posts, I know I am going to shift to voting only on comments from now on, I'll be making a post about it soon :D

I'm trying to do so with the Steem/Hive-Engine tokens. I know they are not worth so much right now but at least it's some appreciation for the time they took. @tarazkp is hitting quite a lot of his posts comments at present.

It is definitely something that needs to be pushed, rewarding comments with alt tokens. Hopefully we can reach something for next Sunday man!

This place would change pretty fast I think if more people upvoted comments. That is awesome you are doing that!!

I agree, and it's something we gotta work on together 💪🏻 hope you're on board!

Already in! Nice work.

If only the payout threshold would not be $0.02 on the Hive blockchain. That would probably greatly help comment upvoting. Many people (including me) have an upvote value of less than $0.02. For example I upvoted your above written comment with $0.013.

While i have done the post using the Tag POSH. As an HR person working with a global IT company i thought i might raise a point.

"POSH" in corporate circles is an acronym for HR practises used by corporates to deal with "#MeToo" issues. POSH -Prevention of Sexual Harassment. So people unfamiliar with this Post on Hive and hailing from a corporate background, will most likely get confused and ask what does Hive have to do with POSH. In fact my husband just did. I showed him this post.

The phrase POSH is well known in corporate circles in a different context. We may want to look at another phrase to Push on Twitter :)

This is fair, we'll look into this. When we came up with it, we played with the english word that was hype in the late 90's, early 00's "Posh" as in trendy and popular, and it fitted the acronym.

We'll definitely be on the lookout to how people are reacting to the tag and consider changing it if the buzz around it is negative. Thanks so much for raising this point!

Posh is a horrible name for many reasons, that included.

I don't use twitter.

Well you're the king of engagement man, I'm pretty sure that your comment level will get rewarded even if you don't use Twitter at all, by just engaging in content :D

It has been what I'd consider kinda quiet, since joining Hive, under my posts. Still working, trying to change that, and hoping things get better. I can't really take part in most of the initiatives presented to the community due to the fact this entity isn't connected to traditional social media outlets like Twitter. I'll still be rewarding comments on my own and of course responding because I usually have a lot of fun with these folks. And yeah I'll still be around yapping under posts when I have a moment. It's tough though to get around and talk when producing the content can take an entire day.

I think if more people found out they can get paid to be entertained here, and if we can attract dedicated consumers who are happy to earn from curation rewards (I'd love to change that term to 'consumer rewards') and comment upvotes, that would be a game changer. Look at Youtube. The creators aren't also doing all the commenting. Quality work takes quality time to produce.

I do appreciate you folks offering initiatives and incentives. I just hope things don't get even quieter now around my world since my work won't include what some might think aren't the proper tags. Maybe I'm just overthinking.

Playing devil's advocate, @notweetsleft is available on Twitter... Why not give Twitter 10 minutes of your day to promote steem? Play the game, might find it fun man.

I do promote my work on the outside. I've mentioned the importance of doing so for over three years. The content consumers are typically the ones who share links and that's free advertising for us. In a post from years ago I called them "link sharing content consumers" and pointed out the shortage and importance of that crowd. Encouraging folks to spread the things they like to their followings is far more productive than if I were to connect a twitter account to this name and share links to a following that account doesn't have.

As I said though, I do push my work to outside eyes, especially the art and humor. For instance, if the post was a 'hit' and people seemed to enjoy it, I'll forward the link to people I know and trust with large followings then ask them to share, then it gets passed around and I'm not spamming my own following, plus my pseudonym and privacy is being respected. In the early days I used Stumbleupon and drove potentially thousands of new eyes to the old platform every month. That service is now defunct so I've been looking for alternatives that are at least as effective. I have my ways, man.

I share Hive links like crazy on Twitter.... Artist in Canada too. Https://

I don't use or have a following on Twitter. I'd be sharing links to myself, nobody would see them, and I could potentially be rewarded for that? I promise you, if I did it, it would be incredibly dishonest of me. Not interested.

Another key factor for this, especially for content creators and content consumers is Engagement and interaction at post level... and let's face it, the comment engagement in your average Hive post is not ideal.

Not ideal? That is a mild statement. Many people do not have (or rarely have) any real human comments under most of their posts. Most of the Hive blockchain users are focusing on their own posts, but they do not care about other people's posts. The selfishness and the greed of the people are ruining the platform. An interaction challenge will probably not change this. If the interaction is a "challenge" on a social network, then that is not really a social network, but probably a lost cause. But we will see. As you said:

The point of this Challenge is to increase Hive content interaction and change the mindset of long term users, to experiment if we as a community can shift to having content consumption as good as content creation.

This is my honest opinion.

That's fine and I agree to a certain degree. We are in a relatively new experiment, where social media rewards users no matter their influence, but what they bring to the table. We'll see if it works.

Your statement is true for the whole world, not just a specific community or blockchain, and it's not going to change by a challenge, but still it could be one step forward.
Honestly, I don't like this challenge, because it focuses on bringing new users to the blockchain, not encouraging current hive users to interact more with each other.

Maybe you are not meant to be a great content creator, but perhaps you are one of the best content consumers out there, and it is time to recognize and reward people like you

You nailed me down! I've always said we need more consumers as content producers are only producing for themselves right now. Hopefully, this project can alter the landscape. Great to hear!

I've seen so many great commenters and when I go to their blog to reward their engagement by voting on their posts I realize there's no content there! This is the way for those guys to get rewarded for their commitment man, this is your chance :)

Only if all whales can reward good content like you do

I've been doing this since before it was cool. Facebook too, and first, cause it helps me improve the delivery and sounding of my Tweet.

I remember seeing you on Twitter a few times! Yeah, I really hope that this initiative can rally more and more people every day to try and increase awareness of the hive existence in the outside world :)

I've been trying to do Twitter more and more as I see how important it is and the type of engagement going on there. Surprisingly it also has a bit of a learning curve.
I'm still not as active as I want to be, but I do try from time to time.

Cool. I was just asking about #posh today on twitter. So just so I make sure I understand, if this comment were an OP post which I posted in the community, I would just post a link to my twitter post like so:

Then also use the #posh tag in my twitter post?

Also, if any poets are reading this, consider posting and engaging in the blockchainpoets community which is totally dedicated to engagement in the poetry community.

Great, I'll make a discord channel to work together with OCD and the poetry community. Check OCD last post about collaboration!

As for the posh post, it works like this;

You post on Hive, then share that post on Twitter, make sure to use the appropriate tags and you're set!

This would be greatest opportunity to increase engagement base on content creators blogs or vlogs. Yesterday I talked about it and I started to increase it from my side because these days everyone already thought to make more contents to hive blockchain. But these procedure must want to change, in fact I really appreciate what you'll do guys.

It's not something we are doing, it's something we all should do! I'm so glad that a lot of people have been talking about this topic for so long, seems like we nailed this challenge, now let's all put out best to help Hive Thrive!

This is good initiative for those who gives effort in engaging people. The hardwork they're will be paid by doing so. Because of this, many people will love in engaging not just doing their own content. Engaging will help other authors to keep on making content in hive.

Exactly, hopefully it won't turn the other way around and people do it for the rewards (hence the reason we are not rewarding everyone, but at random). As long as people meaningfully engage more, they'll have a better chance at getting rewards. It's a way of gamifying the comment deal.

together with engaging you just think 2 things. Enjoying while engaging other authors and if being rewarded or not it's fine. Not just focus in rewards, just having fun. It's good to see others content anyway. New information about their content.

Okay, I will continue to share my publications with the posh initiative. Although I think my twitter is not taken in the gutter for having few followers. Two years ago twitter suspended my account, which I had been using for 10 years, with a good amount of followers. After that problem, I stopped using it and I have my current account, with almost no followers.
But the important thing is to spread the word about Hive. Try to attract good authors to the platform.

I never used my twitter to share so much. I stayed away from social media. I'm going to share my posts from now on twitter as well.

Twitter did make a big difference when we all stood together as community and fought for decentralization.

I will also start more engagement in comments section. Thanks for the update.

The thing with Twitter is that despite our follower base, we can reach a broader audience through hashtags, so I think it is a wise decision for you to begin being more active there and help spread the word about hive and your posts! Thanks!

Yes that is really true. We can easily reach out to bigger audience with sensible tweets. I have seen that. 😀

If this initiative doesn't make the people here have a massive wet spot in their underwear then nothing will. If I can not have small brain syndrome and actually remember this when I'm writing my next post, I'll try to join in for sure.

Oh damn, I'm so glad you stumbled upon this post, your comments always make me laugh so much haha. And yes, definitely gotta agree at least a bit with you, this is probably the best chance to become a comment junkie :P

For sure, why waste your time rubbing on your micro dick to e-girls when you can be here on Hive asking for feet pics in person and getting paid to do it? If the post I made a couple hours ago wasn't just a silly giveaway I'd go edit it to try and bamboozle people on twitter with this initiative.

Hope you've been doing well, by the way. Seems like it's been a literal millennia since I've actually talked to you.

"One thing is clear, there is no interaction & engagement culture and mindset in our Blockchain. Granted, there are many Hiveans who engage on a daily basis on tens of posts, but those are the minority."

There were some super engaged folk back in the day. I remember when people formed communities before Communities were a thing. There was a collaborative book that was written on Steemit, and people used to really engage those posts. Many of those communities died off before Communities finally happened.

You're actually one of the hiveans I admire the most, always engaging and enduring flags when needed. Thanks for all you do to help Hive man, hopefully we'll see hive at it's best soon, and see it get better every day. Cheers!

What can I say? I’m obsessed and can’t stop 😂😂😂 Thanks for the kind words. HiveFest soon hopefully! ☀️☀️

Just of curiosity, it seems like for a lot of these contests that I see they involve "and share on twitter.." It sucks that because I have no interest in Twitter that I miss out on a lot of these opportunities. Any thoughts to maybe being open to other platforms for sharing our content?

I already post like an hour ago and I got good support form ODC and even darthknight. It was not on the OCD community but I share here my Tweet:

I've been pretty active on Twitter and I have found very good posts, it's like a second feed. I'm gona engage even more with my fellow Hivers.


Darthknight is doing amazing things, rewarding good content from authors that want to spread the word about Hive in other platforms, I'm glad you got some love votes!

What can I say bro... The dream is going through. Quit my job the same day Hive launched, not sure if I would make enough to survive the next couple of months and now it seems that all the hard work is paying of.

I'm in Guadalajara right now and I've been talking with some of the Crypto and Blockchain leaders in Mexico most of them are skeptic about this project but I'm sharing information with them. Even the director of Blockchain Land from Talent Land he also works in Bitso. Contact me on Discord anytime if you want to help me spread the word. The info is on my profile.

Hi, Ricardo. Excellent initiative, I join this wonderful challenge to expand the frontiers of this great Blockchain; motivated by this commitment, I have dedicated valuable time in making a beautiful image that I have incorporated to the post where I echo this strategic movement of expansion. It is an attractive and fun context used to multiply this invitation of community integration; if you have time, you could review it because it is worth it.



Thumbnail version of the promotional image for the #POSH tag

Great promotion for Twitter!
But I never have and never will use that bullshit platform, and I know millions of others are in the same boat.
Extremely lame to limit participation to Twits.

If this works, we'll extend this to other social media platforms, thanks for your Feedback. It is about Hive, not Twitter, I don't think it's extremely lame that some people go out to other platforms (despite their opinion about said platform) and try to spread Hive. Hopefully you'll join us when a platform to spread Hive suits your requirements.

Why would I wait on you to spread Hive? I've been doing that from the start. I have an independent brain and I use it, unlike 90% of people around here who need to be incentivized to do the right thing.

Great! What projects have you leaded and how have you spread Hive since August 2017? Or even easier, how many people have you invited, onboarded and welcomed? And even better, how many are still here?
Would be great to hear +(so we can emulate your strategies) about that, that thing that you've been doing from the start.

Ohhh, your genuineness is just dripping from that comment. Forgive me if I leave you to search my productions yourself if you're actually that excited. All the best.

Sorry, you're the one making claims, the burden of proof lies on you.

With the mindset of “not being fake” I will not go create a forced twitter account, but will help encourage users with votes and comments.

Great initiative! This is what we need. Thank you.

Fair enough. I don't see it as fake to open an account to help Hive Thrive, but to each their own :D Thanks anyway for joining in the encouragement towards other users!

hello i am new here how works that

My community, Natural Medicine, has been sharing user posts on Twitter for a while now, and on Facebook too. Doing what we can to get HIVE thriving. Run by me and @artemislives, we put this image under their posts to let them know they've been loved.


Rewarding engagement is also a must. Doing what we can! Will promote this initiative there.

Happy to be supporting you and the @naturalmedicine team.. @riverflows. 🙂

Here's my contribution to the #Posh initiative that I just shared on Twitter:

Can Covid Be Good for Crypto Mass Adoption?


I hope @blocktrades, @theycallmedan, @threespeak and @ocd-witness enjoy the read and that I might receive some feedback from the global Hive community:)

Utilizing other platforms and let the outside world jump in!

That's the idea, to make the most out of this momentum and spread the Hive word everywhere!

Totally agree with that! Every true #hivean has a role to act. Spreading is an easy job for everyone.

I'm about to do this before read your post lol

Great, thanks! No need to share the tweet here because I'll be browsing twitter every day to find some gems for this initiative :)


Nice GIFs! I have seen you in @creary too! Great work @doze!

Thanks! :)
Yes I'm a daily publisher and curator also in Creary :)

Can the part about engagement on comments be part of my new AMA community when someone's leaves a good comment/answer back this could be considered part of the POSH initiative ? Or, maybe you can advise us how our community and its subscribers can participate in this. Thank you!

Any post and topic is fair game man, as long as it's shared on Twitter you and your commenters are good to go :)

Excellent sir! Thanks , for the quick reply back shall do!

Once upon a time, I commented only two words on a whale's post. I was warned by someone to not do that. Hive is not facebook and people take time to understand it. Comment engagement is a challenge as there is a thin line barrier between spamming and engagement.

Exactly, which is why we consider the word "meaningful comment" for this initiative. Two word, or maybe even one line comments give no feedback nor help the author of the post - most of the times. So let's see how this works for us!

I made a post but I forgot to push

What's push?

the tag #POSH hhaha, sorry.

I see your point and I agree. This is a great way for all of us to benefit in the longer term. As a relatively new user thrown into the chaos after I joined Steem in January, I had high hopes for it to be the social network for blockchain that I've never had the chance to become fully a part of. HIVE is the continuation of that desire. So, great post @anomadsoul. Thanks and have a great day. Stay safe. :)

Challenge accepted! Sneak Peek of GEUDONG - A Documentary Film I Currently Working on
well actually i've use the #posh tag both on my posts and twitter before here have a look :p

That's great! I'll be curating the hashtag hive and posh on Twitter daily, I'm sure I'll stumble upon your work :)

Lol I hope so :D
i've just amaze upon your profile description by the way "Nomad by heart, Curator by choice"
sounds really wise!

Thank. you for what you're doing here for us on Hive. I have much to learn about it and how to get. more active in the community, but I love what is here now. Keep up the good work!

I recognize your name man, I've seen you before but cant pinpoint to where. I'm glad you saw this post, hopefully you'll join the "swarm Twitter" initiative 💪🏻

Sounds like a good idea. I need to figure out what to do. Looking forward. to hearing more about it.

I am a part on @abh12345 engagement league and I really appreciate it

I'm pretty sure we'll find a way to encourage and reward those who are thriving in the league. Thanks for everything you do for Hive and its engagement level!

You are Welcomed I think encouragement is very important aspect if we want to see hive successful we all hiveans should focused on encouragement of current hive users and market hive to new users and developers, investors, cryptocurrency communities and exchanges

This is a great idea for #hive to thrive.
As always there is a great deal about giving than receiving.
Every effort goes toward #hive.
Hopefully everyone will understand they can add something
to make #hive a better place.

Thank you! Let's allá work together to make hive thrive

Just what we need!
Thank you all!

Needs to be an ongoing, community effort, so let's keep it going 💪🏻

This is a great idea .... I #hive #posh on my Twitter feed all day long.

Thanks man! Now let's get this going and spread Hive awareness! Read you around!

Just retweeted a bunch.... #hive #posh .... will do more


Keep in mind, some people may have a tough time posting on 3Speak until they fix the login issues. I had to post my latest video on Youtube since I can't log into 3Speak since they updated their login procedure today.

Thanks for the comment, I'll tell the 3speak team!

I've got it all worked out now, thank you!

I have been encouraged because I like to interact through my comments on other users' posts and it has been encouraging for me in some of my posts, I think my emphasis should be extended to the Twitter account.

Thank you for your commitment and working to spread the word about Hive!

although i don't have a twitter i am definitely amazed by this idea and will start interacting as much as i can!

Why not try it out? Perhaps your Hive username is available on Twitter and you can help us all make hive thrive!

Yes this is the direction that we need to go if we want real adoption outside of our little cryptossphere. We need to be a place where people come for the content first and not worry making loot. I'm more casual and spend my time reading and commenting, so I'm not really here to make a living

That's so amazing !it will be a great help everyone.

Hiya... Been away from my blog recently and missed quite a lot actually...

But now that i am back... Bringing my army of foodies and Mauritians to hive in the coming weeks/months.

Thanks for reviving this awesome tool that i was so happily enjoying the last 3 yrs!

Cheers from Mauritius

That's a great start to kickoff the new mooning POSH Initiative on Hive 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Excelente iniciativa. Llegué a este post porque lo vi en el twitter. Es una buena idea usar el tag posh para ubicar las publicaciones que tengan más méritos. La propuesta que haces significa un gran cambio para los que hacemos vida en HIVE. Es verdad que no tenemos la costumbre de hacer muchos comentarios, si acaso nos limitamos a dejar unas breves palabras a los más conocidos. Los buenos comentarios enriquecen notablemente las publicaciones, de algún modo amplían el contenido propuesto por el autor. Trataré de hacerle seguimiento a esas publicaciones de calidad.

Cualquier idioma puede participar? A veces uno como latino se ve obligado a publicar en inglés, algunas veces con buena gramática, otras no tanto, la cuestión es que tristemente veo buen contenido en español y muy pocas recompensas a su esfuerzo, lo cual termina decepcionado, no a uno que ya sabe cómo es ésto, pero sí a cualquier persona nueva que trate de invitar a contribuir en la plataforma, sería bueno que quizás se pudiera crear algún Tag diferente y así no le den skip a los post en español entre el montón por no entender el idioma, estaría bien eso no?

Vamos a empezar una iniciativa en diferentes idiomas muy pronto, por lo pronto será solo en inglés!
Aunque puedes empezar a compartir en Twitter, de todos modos yo a veces voto publicaciones que me encuentro en español :)

Sí las comparto, aunque últimamente como te digo he tratado de publicar en inglés pero ya me cansé, no es mi idioma nativo y a la larga es desgastante, estaré pendiente cuando empiece la iniciativa en español, saludos 😃


(An experiment to see if Engage tokens work on the Hive blockchain.)

I think the bot is still sleeping, but @abh12345 is looking into this to get it running soon! Thanks for trying though, hopefully it will be ready by next sunday :D

Hive thrive is real!

I would even recommend people sharing their links on fakebook , whatsapp groups because I am sure, we will get so many people there as well to come and look at hive. I am personally doing this since some time - shared my links on whats app groups and some of them have shown interest to hive - with this recent buzz about hive, we will definitely be able to gather some from those groups apart from twitter.

Seems like I've been part of this challenge for a long while now, haha! Can't wait to join with my next video!

I'm a Twitter hustler and a very loud one! Thanks for the chance to take this ship to new heights Eric! Regards!

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