Thanks for the tag, @fionasfavourites! I saw this post shared on Twitter a couple of times, which is awesome, but hadn't gotten around to check it out yet!

I've been jumping on the #MondayBlogs tag on Twitter off and on for months now, sharing posts from my old WordPress blogging friends as well as my new #SteemPress cryptoblog pals. While the post links I share are the non-Steem blogs, almost all of them have the two way integration turned on (a beta feature that "displays Steem features including, upvotes, pending rewards, comments and Steem log in on the blog interface") - I figure it's a good way to introduce people to the idea of Steem in a familiar setting.

Oh, and the hash tags I use and the handles I tag on Twitter for those posts are - #SteemTweets #steem @steemit @SteemNetwork #SteemPress @steempressio #crypto #blog #cryptoblog #blogging

Much appreciate this initiative, @acidyo, and I'll be back with proof of sharing shortly!

EDIT - Because RIF (reading is fundamental)...😂 After rereading this, I won't be "back" with proof here, but I will start using the tag and sharing the Twitter link in the comment section under my posts... 😊

Thanks for the tag @fionasfavourites, I will read through again what is required by @acidyo as I do share my Steemit post sometimes using #steem, #steemit, and other related tag s to my post.

Will try it out on my next post.

Just tested in Twitter, will see how it goes!

Most posts where I know people on Twitter get a Tweet all will have #Steem tag, normally #Steemit as well, will have to look into this a little further @fionasfavourites some go to FB.

Not using Steempeak, convince me and I will have to open an account. The more we share the more people see, which most definitely will help the platform.

@joanstewart - you don't have to open a new account to use SteemPeak. Since Partiko has gone a bit weird, I've uninstalled it and use the former from my phone. My understanding is just that one uses the #posh tag on Twitter when sharing.

OK, been there done that this morning, I don't work from a phone prefer my PC being a typist from before sliding fingers became the in thing :)

Joan, I am also a typist. I prefer my laptop and my qwerty keyboard. For everything. Sometimes, though, I'm lazy or just in the moment :P