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RE: POSH info and FAQ

in #posh11 months ago

I am still on Facebook, do #posh their sometimes, but by the time #posh officially gets support on Facebook, I may have already closed my account.

It is kind of a strange paradox that my time on Hive takes away from time on other social media, which in turn causes me to want to shut it down. Since I've joined Hive, I've been considering shutting down my Facebook instead of adding Twitter to the collage.

I realize Hive needs exposure, and sharing links via mainstream social media channels will achieve that goal. @Sreypov and I have already been locked out of Facebook for 72 hours for sharing Hive posts there, but of course that's not the official reason facebook gave us.

I know everbody's on Twitter, but the thought of signing up for another social media platform is overwhelming, especially after all this news about the massive Twitter hack, my faith just isn't in the platform, nor Facebook either, but I started my Facebook account when I was much younger, and it's the main way my family communicates with me.

My Mom and Dad have discussed interest in starting Hive accounts, and if they do that I'll shut down Facebook ASAP, no need for it. That would only leave #posh for human-to-human contact.

I talk about the Hive and my posts to several people a day that aren't on Hive, but no way to #posh that.

Keep up the good work @acidyo, everything you do brings more value to the chain.