Mon Bridge is a story of diversity coming together in a charming way.

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Let's travel a lot. Guaranteed to be very beautiful, both the views and the people. I guarantee you will definitely want to go more than once. Recommended in the winter. Excellent.









It is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand. which is 850 meters long, using the labor of villagers in the area Most of whom are of Mon descent. In addition to being used as a travel route for the Mon and Thai people who live in this area, It is also a symbol of faith in Buddhism. The bridge area is a viewpoint overlooking Vajiralongkorn Dam Lake. Experience the way of the Mon people in the middle of the mist. In this area, you can still see the Songkalia, Beekly, and Rantee rivers that flow together, called Sam Prabh. As for the Mon village side, There is a shop selling Mon clothing. Local food and products Including many homestay accommodation services. Especially morning activities where the villagers dress in local clothes and carry beautiful local utensils. Join with tourists to give alms to monks. Experience the impression of a young Mon child who is hired to apply Thanaka powder.