As long as the requests arrive I'm game :)


How's tricks over there Glen? Picking up more hours at work?

Hey, @abh12345.

Okay. So, this was kind of what I expected when I saw the words/phrases to be explored. I tend to just thank you, rather than thank you very much or something longer. At any rate, I can stand to pick up the positivity. :)

re: work

Still, pretty slow. Work this month was roughly 40 hours more than in May, so that's certainly a bit better, but now we're seeing the largest numbers of COVID-19 by far since this whole thing started, and I'm afraid we'll be shutting down or regressing or something again. It's not helping that quite a few of the states around us have already moved to close things.

Our governor wants people to stay local for the July 4th weekend. Good luck. In a little over two weeks, I'm supposed to be helping my son drive a moving truck so he and his family can live in South Carolina. He got a job there, but it's 3,000 miles away. Now, I'm concerned we might get stuck there because flights back could be cancelled.

That's a bummer, although more waves were expected by some. It's seems like this covid-19 is quite contagious.

One of my nearby towns is on 'local lockdown' and the concern is they'll travel over to Nottingham on Saturday for a beer or 10. I think i'll give town a miss.

... I'm concerned we might get stuck there because flights back could be cancelled.

I guess it is a possibility but it seems like a fairly essential trip. Good luck and safe travels.

You can always look at renting a car? @glenalbrethsen

Hey, @dswigle.

Worst comes to worst, that's what we'll do, but I'm supposed to be at work that following Monday, and my wife the day after, and there's really no way for us to get there so quickly driving. And after just barely doing a 3,000 mile trip, I don't know if I'm going to be up to doing another one. My wife doesn't really like to drive beyond her normal trips into work and the store. I wouldn't get any rest since I can't really sleep in moving vehicles, anyway.


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