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RE: Positive Phrases | Text Mining | Win a 2.5k HP Delegation

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Oh go on man, I would love to see if I am on the scale. Whilst I think I'm a positive person I don't know if a lot of the wordings above are quite the things that I would say but you never know!!

And who can resist a bit of durty SQL!!


You seem, based on 100 beer review videos, like a positive chap to me, and that's prior to getting sloshed, I think!


If only 'top donk' was in the list?!

Hehe, that's not bad. I thought excellent would have been more but then realised that I was saying it a lot and tried to calm it down.

Top donk though, that's my fecking favourite!

I've been a bit mean with 'excellent' and 'great' and require a '!' to show that you really mean it!

Alright, looks quiet around here today, time to burn off some beer calories before refilling them later!

Burn em, add em rinse and repeat! It's the circle of life!!!