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RE: Book 2 Part 2 of the Techist- A Spacer Story


In order to prevent identity theft, identity deception, and content theft, we encourage users to confirm their online identity. Users with an online identity that have websites or blogs, users who are creators of art, and/or are celebrities of all kinds, are asked to verify themselves. Verified users tend to receive a better reception from the community.

In order to confirm your authorship of the content, please mention the word "Hive" or add a hyperlink to Hive in your well established social media account like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

After you add the word "Hive", please provide us with the URL link to that website by replying to this comment.

You can remove this mention from your website, once we confirm the authorship.

Thank you.

More Info: Introducing Identity/Content Verification Reporting & Lookup