Remembering the beautiful summer days in my garden 🌹🌸🌹

My garden is not very big, but there are various flowers in it in summer.

One of the most beautiful seasons is summer, when everything is lush, blooming and the scent of flowers spreads.



Kaliope are one of the most popular types of flowers in our area. They owe so much popularity to easy maintenance, and above all to the luxurious beauty of the nutmeg flower.
And they can bloom until late autumn.





Due to the long flowering period, roses are the queens of garden tenants. Growing and enjoying the beauty and fragrance of this decorative flowering species dates back to distant Persia, until today.



The blue tones of petunias smell very intoxicating, so they are the most favorite. They attract butterflies, bees and similar insects, and in the evening they are gladly visited by moths.



In addition to the flower garden, there is also a small decorative well.


Your Maya

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