No Election Fraud - Joe Biden is President!

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This rumor is accepted as truth now


But you can always tell who did the false flag by who benefits and by watching who smirks at the cameras.

The violent group, all dressed in black, got through the door seconds after Pence failed to reject electors from Arizona. The plan was that we would accept the plausibility that Trump voters would be upset by that. But everything was captured. All communications and planning of the false flag. This will not be forgotten just like building seven has not been.

I was watching an interview of Senators while being rushed out as armed 'pro-Trump' terrorists entered the building. More than five Senators, when asked about the incursion, smirked and just said, "Trump's fault. " They were not concerned for their lives, not worried at all - it was as if they knew how far the group would get, and that they were not in danger at all. Planned?

Who benefits?

Instead of having ten days of investigations on election fraud, the Senate blanketed the procedures concentrating on the violence - assumed to be from Trump voters. Now all evidence is buried, all questions set aside. Congressmen are smiling, clapping and breathing a sigh of relief that the certification is done. Only Biden benefits from the break-in and murders.

Evidence seen...

  • Video of Antifa being flagged through the barriers
  • Witness accounts that the violent ones had pedophile tattoos
  • People being interviewed by RSBN (see photo), quoting the rioters in the phone saying things that Trump supporters would never say

This will be proven to be just a rumor in the coming days. You will see what motivated law makers to violate the will of their constituents. It was their dirty secrets and those (China) who have the dirty laundry to air against them.

Those who tout senseless narratives and ignore evidence are pedophiles or worse. They are being blackmailed. Today is the first day defining where each American will stand - on the side of death-cult pedophiles or on the side of decent American values. There will not be any gray area to stand in, only a red line in the middle.

Where do you stand?


It is not good to paint any one 'kind' of person as violent or stupid. People are people!
If 50 people out of 50,000 get violent and do something, that does not mean that all 50,000 are like that.

Lives matter. Any other statement regarding lives is divisive. Democrats are people. Trump supporters are people. And within those two groups we have individuals. I wonder what else will come out.

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