The Pestilence of the United States

in #president3 years ago

The first Bush probably hired Hinckley to shoot at Reagan. Clinton was a coke sniffing, coke dealing, man whore who likely never did an honest thing in his entire useless life. The second Bush never should have been there because the Supreme Court decided the election instead of the people. He is also probably and ultimately responsible, because of his part in the conspiracy that became 9/11, and the wars that it spawned, for more deaths than all of Hitler's alleged atrocities. Then we had Obama, the Great Black Hope, who's only words for eight years to every black man, woman and child in America, was nope, nope, nope, sold. To say Trump is better or worse than any of them is difficult, because to a man, every one of them has been the worst president America could or would tolerate at the time. Trump, and his unbelievable and now likely re-election, is just a reflection of how little is left in that country and how low it's fallen. America's epithet should just read stupid is as stupid does, perhaps with a picture of Mt Rushmore in the background.