I Don't Think It's The Right Time to Buy Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is now around 4.6% down in 24 hours and is now trading around $63420 on coinmarketcap.com as of I am writing this post.

Well seeing the latest price development in Bitcoin, I wanted to present some of my views regarding people investing in Bitcoin right now.

As some might be telling you to invest, but I think you should now wait for a couple of weeks so that you may know where the price sort of settles.

You mught be able to get an average price within this couple of weeks of time frame.

And also I don't recommend to buy Bitcoin right now because I think it's now at the peak and probably it's going to go down again.

It's good to buy at low price, so if the prices does go down then one might try to buy it.

Note: This is not a financial advise. These are just my views and thoughts.


Bitcoin will probably go above $100 000 USD in medium term, but nowadays Bitcoin has very high transaction fees, and the transaction fees will probably be even higher in the future. I intentionally avoid using Bitcoin. I use altcoins, for example Litecoin (LTC).

i don;t know when you last sent bitcoin, but i have been doing so a week or two ago and fees were only about $0.13 for $500 transactions. Previously, months ago, they were around $10 or more

i don;t know when you last sent bitcoin

Me neither. It was many months ago. Maybe even more than one year ago.