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RE: Proof-of-Brain 24hrs Report (06/22/2021)

in #proofofbrain3 months ago (edited)

Is this a auto-generated report for farming hive?

Publish automated #ProofOfBrain reports every 24 hours

Implement interface for transfering tokens between players

Create a way to trade BRAIN for HIVE/HBD without having to trust anyone

Figure out a way to bribe zombies with these things

And upvote this to collect rewards?

Just asking....curious...

Politely asking...


Permit me to answer as one of the players of this game. I don't think it's means of farming Hive. It's just a way to make all the players interact by knowing all the stats, ranks etc. Maybe reward should be declined, but I haven't really seen any tangible upvotes on the reports since we started(and from a peasant hive earner perspective 😃😁)...cheers