HIVE is the #1 Decentralized Social Media Platform According to BitShills (VOTE NOW)

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HIVE is the #1 Decentralized Social Media Platform According to BitShills

We did it! A few weeks ago I made a "Call to Vote" post for HIVE on BitShills. At the time, HIVE was the #12 ranked decentralized social media platform on their website. I stumbled upon this website during a basic google search, so it must have decent SEO. Since the time of my post, we managed to gather enough votes to secure the #1 spot!

Now... Let's add some more votes to widen the gap

Vote here:


Thanks for sharing I voted!

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Didn't ask for any info, so not sure if it can be gamed. But cool to see #HIVE at number 1. I squinted and pretended it was Coingecko ❤️

Thanks for sharing, voted for hive.

This is good news to hear, i do hope this will stay in place as this will be good onboarding material for all

Sorry i missed the initial call! Got my vote now to widen the gap. Cheers!

Consider my vote given too!

Voted! Didn't know this was happening 😱 So grateful I stumble upon your post! Thank you 😊

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Oh, I didn't now about this poll. I have therefore just sent one extra vote there. At the moment, we are first, but our position is not that secure as we are only a few votes behind.

23 so far.
It says that I have already voted.
I tried.

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