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RE: Proof-of-Brain 24hrs Report (06/22/2021)

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I noticed how fast you are, by the time I finish some I get so many invalid submissions by the time I submit and then see you solved it. Shitty internet is my major setback, but then I try to get the best of it anytime I can.


Lynds is the fastest player I have seen, she gets me four for one almost every time. You and I seem to trade off at speed sometimes, Yeah my internet is not so fast either, yesterday I watched my submit just spin and spin and spin, until I gave up an hit reload on the page. I'm sure it was on my side because of my connection stalling out. All those after dinner people jumping on the net to get back to their Amazon prime day shopping.

If you think I'm fast, you never want to go up against @fulltimegeek the guy is INSANE!!! I'm glad he doesn't play a lot... 😂 We would all be eating dust.

Warp speed engage!!!


I wonder how theycallmedan liked his intro to the game with fulltimegeek, they were done pretty much when I dropped in yesterday once.

He's the boss 😁