Inverse Finance - From 0 to Positive Sum Tokens

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TL;DR: Governance tokens with no value accrual mechanism for their holders are zero-sum games with weak tokenomics. With Inverse Plus, Inverse opens a new DeFi category of positive sum tokens which return value directly to tokenholders.

Are you tired of zero-sum tokens? Then you have to start thinking about efficient DeFi and Positive-Sum Tokens. The zero-sum token makes one party win and one party lose, with no change in wealth. The Positive-Sum Tokens will make all involved gain, as the net change is wealth happens for both parties. Everyone wins - Everyone is happy! Everyone can master the game of positive-sum DeFi with Inverse.Finance!

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Inverse Plus introduced revenue sharing rewards as the source of revenue is shared with the $DOLA leading business. The returning capital to token holders is maximized. Inverse Plus is a change in tokenomics for the governance tokens, as the holders can receive APY maxed at 500%.

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How many times you wished that governance tokens will be more than a lotto ticket to redeem someday? How many times you hoped for governance tokens to have real value and stop being zero-sum games with weak tokenomics?

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InverseFinance granted your wish! $INV is a Positive Sum Reward Token! With Inverse Plus, the Inverse team opens a new DeFi category of positive sum tokens which return value directly to tokenholders. And you don't need a magic lamp to be part of it!

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Fantastic News! Now we can earn a share of Inverse Finance revenue by holding $INV tokens! DeFi made easy and DeFi made profitable! Move beyond our dates systems towards a better solution! Be a DeFi pioneer and be part of the crypto revolution with Inverse Finance

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**Conclusion: **From 0 to Positive Sum Tokens with InverseFinance! Most of the governance tokens are zero sum but with INV+ you will earn a share of the revenue just by holding $INV tokens! Inverse Plus is among the 1st new generation of positive sum governance tokens that will replace the antique governance token models.

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