Sarcasm Saturday #1 - How bad was the dip of the dip?

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Welcome to Sarcasm Saturday!

I am ready for a new series, I am ready to start "Sarcasm Saturday"! I am being humble but I see myself as a Meme expert, or that is what people say. I create memes, I win memes competitions but I also appreciate good memes. Sometimes I save random ones to send to friends and family, and I came up with this idea when I seen how many I have in my download folder.

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Many will ask me if I am making money on all my crypto investments... and the answer is YES! I am making magical internet money that has no value until I cash it out.

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What to expect from the Sarcasm Saturday series?

To be honest... will be a lot of sarcasm, stuff that I screenshot and is not interesting enough to have an article, crypto updates, stuff I wrote in the week, memes, giveaway, and dad jokes! This topic is hot lately... so we will talk about the dip, the actual dip and the dip so deep that we are not getting out of it!

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Today's topic is "The Dip", "The Dip of the Dip" and of course the "Dip of the Dippity Dip". In case you think I said "buy the dip!" in the last months, you are wrong! I didn't said BUY CRYPTO, I said BYE CRYPTO!

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Sarcasm Saturday #1 - How bad was the dip of the dip?

I am still not sure if the crypto free fall stopped and the signs of recovery can be a bear trap. Bitcoin is the main factor of volatility for altcoins, but you should look into avocados if you want a steady source of profit. Breaking News ... Avocados GMI! Avocados to the moon!

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Bitcoin is a patient artificially kept alive at the moment. I am not sure if it needs a priest, a zombie serum or just Elon to talk shit about it again. Today's price is above $19,000 with a bit of green. Let's see what the weekend brings!

Vitalik's Ethereum is not doing better. We had perpetual promises and fake launch days for ETH 2.0 and a constant dream about lower fees. The dream is not so lucid, and ETH 2.0 is not so clear! You may need your glasses to see the truth.

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Brace yourself as the DeFi summer is postponed! We are still in crypto winter and is so cold out there that bears gone shopping. This is another proof that we are in full bear market, as Yogi went to swipe the floor for cheap tokens.

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It's important to be brave, don't panic, HODL and keep believing. In few years time we will have a good laugh about how bad 2022 was and how well the market recovered (unless you were a $LUNA holder).

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My advice is to stop checking the charts, and enjoy the nature. Go outside, have some grass, hit the pub, have some pints. The hustle can be put on-hold for a while and can be resumed when we are mentally ready. Don't ignore the signs and don't invest money you can't afford to lose!

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However, you can get $35,000 for a testicle. Play this card right, wait for another small drop in Bitcoin value and you could add two $BTC to your portfolio. Do you have cojones?

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McDonalds is still looking for staff, and crypto bros are welcome. You get free happy meals now and then and you can buy a pot of ketchup with the crypto you still hold. It's a win-win situation.

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In case you consider donating one testicle and go for the "2 BTC plan", you can spend some once you recover. PortAventura World is the first amusement park to accept Bitcoin. You don't need balls of steel for the raids!

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If you are a HODLer, you don't care about the dips! Long term HODLers are always winning. Even if today's prices are not far from the January 2021 value, they are lightyears away from what it was in 2020. Even at today's shitty value, Bitcoin is three times more valuable then in January 2020. Ethereum is was gone 10x since 2020 and 100x since 2016. HOLD and wait for the next bull run!

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I am still rolling some faucets now and then, mainly ++Free-Litecoin++ and ++FreeBitcoin++, as this two are the most profitable. I am doing the free roll and this was the first time I got a golden ticket. This ticked will entitle me to participate at the raffle for one LAMBO. I assume I didn't win, because I didn't got any Lambo delivered.

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I am still using some fountains as well. Claiming $ZEC on PipeFlare and G-Hive, while earning good amounts of $ZEN on Get.ZEN. All have multipliers and 4-tiers referral system. On PipeFlare I got a place on the Wall of Fame for earning 2 Zcash. PVM is Mr.Popular everywhere! Thank you all for the constant support!

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Have no idea why I took this screenshot, but if you are into tennis you probably noticed the new wave of stars in the WTA ranking. No Williams sisters, no Ash Barty, no Simona Halep, Kerber or Kvitova. We are witnessing Iga Swiatek rise, winning tournament after tournament at only 21. A fresh generation of top players: Krejcikova is 26, Paula Badosa is 24, while Sabalenka is already a WTA star at 24 (and from Ukraine!)

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