The Apocalypse's Cocktail - Covid-19 and Crypto

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2020 was the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? More then two years since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and the world has changed a lot.

I was checking the numbers daily and was watching how the nature was hitting back for the suffering caused by humans and their fast paced development plan.

Pollution, global warming, plastic everywhere, mass-destruction of pristine places, the lack of respect for heritage and tradition ... the world has gone wild!

Earth was saying "Stop! It's my turn now!", after waiting patiently for thousands of years.


According to WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard there have been over 500 millions confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 6,305,358 deaths. The disease showed no knowledge of social ranks and had no sympathy, remorse or mercy. You can get it and have no clue, you can pass it and have no clue, maybe you had it already. Rich and poor are afflicted at the same rate, and none of the Top 10 countries affected by Coronavirus are poor nations, with limited resources.

But how Covid-19 changed the world?

The world had to adapt and we shifted to work from home and more online time. Crypto was hit at the start of 2020 but then it grew for months. Crypto adoption was helped by the situation.

Personal hygiene improved, a small aspect that was neglected and taken for granted. After the sold-out of anti-bacterial gels in all the shops, hopefully people will keep the habit of buying and using them.

Online Shopping and Crypto Shopping evolved and expanded. Everyone had to accept and integrate online shopping into their routine. During this crisis we noticed more than ever that ordering things from home is quite nice. This will move on to grocery shopping and this trend will grow. Many companies integrated crypto payments to keep up with the trends and attract new customers.

Family time or "me time2" was another aspect taken for granted. The daily routine was the killer of happiness, and coming home from work was just a way to get ready for... the next work day. Netflix, Facebook, ++Splinterlands++++,++ faucets and blogging filled my spare time and moved from time-wasting to write2earn and play2earn.

Keeping active was important, and mental health become a bigger issue during the lockdown. Returning to the nature was the solution when social distancing resulted no more crowded places as all pubs, restaurants, malls, amusement parks where shut. I started to appreciate more the walk in the woods, the fresh air and singing birds. We were happy, we had more then we needed and didn't appreciated!


Have you made a small act of kindness? Did you offered your help or support to someone struggling? I am not here to judge your past actions but I can motivate you to do something from now on. Even calling a friend to check how he's coping can make a difference.

Being in the Metaverse 24/7 is a hard job, and as everyone, I struggle with mental health and similar issues. Covid and crypto created a deadly cocktail, that may lead to the Apocalypse... but until then make sure you relax your brain, keep your body healthy and have fun both virtually and IRL.

Don't let crypto take-over your life, avoid scammers, don't put all your eggs in one basket and enjoy life!


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