The Collectooors - Time Travelling NFTs

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The Collectooors Tower - Winter 2077

Collectooor #73 was standing stoic close to the huge glass panel that gives a clear view over the Mecha-World. With the glasses on the tip of the nose, was watching the robots and cyborgs lurking on the streets below.

Collectooor #12 silently approached the leader, arranging her leopard print hat and watching the streets below through her orange lenses. "It is time!" she said with a calm voice.

She patiently waited for a reply, and the answer was transmitted simultaneous to all the Collectors, through their neuronal blockchain links.

"The time has come, we must return to 2022 and protect the greatest minds of that era! We must prevent the robot dominance and maintain the AI into the Metaverse. We are Collectooors! We are the one who successfully pushed through new meta layers and evolved blue chip indeces into globally accepted solution. We eradicated hunger, poverty and greed ... but we never expected the Metaverse to take over THE REAL WORLD.

It was true! The Collectooors cared about true innovation, the beauty of technology and the use of art in global evolution. However, they never anticipated that the humans will take the evolution too far, and their world will be taken over by the AI and robots they created.

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The Blockchain Portal was active, as Collectooor #5 waved the hand across the control panel. The walls, the windows and all the objects in the Collectooors Tower vanished instantly, and they were now floating in space! Stars all around and a vortex not far away. One by one, they pointed a finger towards the vortex and got dragged inside. Purple lines between the stars slowly dissipated, as the last of them went through the glimmering portal.

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Planet Earth - 2021

The first stage of the mission was accomplished, as 100 Collectors successfully traveled back to the Early Blockchainian. Colectooor #55 took of his high-tech gear to blend with the people of 2022, and placed his blockchain neuro-link in the pocket of his vest.

Stage two of "Salvatio Mundus" involves guidance and blockchain integration. Each Collectooor minted their characteristics as NFTs, using the 2022 hype to reach the great minds of the era. From their wallets, they will guide the humanity towards new heights of performance. However, they will control the evolution, preventing the AI takeover.

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The $JPG Index was created under the Index Coop watch. This group will become one of the Earth's Metagovernance Council of Evolution. Collectors trusted their instincts and learned from their mistakes, and gave blue-chip NFTs to the world.

The Metagovernance Council of Evolution will empower the NFT community and guard the Metaverse. The Collectors will make sure that the new version of the future has clear boundaries for NFT governance, with clear rules that will forbid bots and AI to hold NFTs with voting power.

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Planet Earth, The Index Coop HQ - 2022

Collector #73 pushed the idea of an index token that can provide the holders with easy exposure to a diversified basket of blue-chip NFT. He used his unique ability to add the basic idea of an ERC-20 token in the brain of the Index Architects, using Caf as a beacon of artistic knowledge and the index creators as blockchain clairvoyants.

Cheering could be heard from the Index Coop HQ, as they thought about the blue-chip NFT index and an NFT collection that will give the opportunity to exercise voting power to the holders. Another Index Architect thought to add curating power and airdrops as long term rewards for the holders. They where cheering as they invented an NFT index that offers a product fully collateralized by NFTs.

Collectooor #73 couldn't hide a smile as his plan was running smoothly. Now he had to make the humans launch spin-off NFT projects and create a DAO powered by the Collectooors and their holders.

The other Collectors set their "moods" as a way to inspire each of the Architects, some choosing to be Chill, Crazy, Inspired, Appreciative and even Grumpy. Others, like #73, choose to stay stoic and have no visible feelings.

The Collectooors specialized in Metaverse and Augmented Realty did their part of the task, pushing special NFT backgrounds into the brain of the Index Architects. The background will act as an extra layer of protection against the future robot take over, as they are linked to human only traits. Deep thinkers, mischievous and risk takers will always use the NFT background as an anchor, blocking any idea of AI integration in real life leisure activity. The greatest of the humans will link with the storks and the space, as they are the unique individual that will send humanity into the next level of evolution.

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Somewhere on Planet Earth - 2024

The Metagovernance Council of Evolution was created, and the greatest minds are planning to build the Collectooors Tower in this unknown location. Intellectuals, hackers, coders, artists, poets and thinkers gathered to be part of the new step of evolution, a step that will see the mankind explore time, space and the metaverse in a way that was never seen before.

The beginning of the Blockchain Revolution was marked down in the history books and the project that was supposed to materialize Metaverse creation in real life was deemed too dangerous. "Salvatio Mundus" was achieved and the robot takeover was avoided... for now!

As for the Collectoors, this new future is unknown. The goal was achieved and they will remain in the background, as NFT guardians. Blockchain is not a prison for them, as they could emerge once again if the mankind is in danger.

Stay Awhile and Listen! I am Collectooor #66, the storyteller! You may know me under many names, as I always recorded the greatest achievements of those living on Planet Earth. The story is hidden in the blockchain, waiting for the future Architects to unwrap the mysteries of evolution.

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