"Paying It Forward" on Hive - Contest no. 2 - 65 POB in prizes

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Certain prizes specific to new Hive members who have joined since the 1st of July with some prizes open to longer-term Hivers as well :-)

If you are new to Hive please do join in my Paying it Forward contest to welcome you to the platform. And if you are a longer-standing member of the Hive, there are engagement prizes up for grabs too for the best engagement with other comments to this post!


Learning and growing through positive engagement with others on the Hive and in the Proof of Brain community brings me great joy! I received a lot of encouragement, kindness, support, and guidance when I joined up that I am now paying it forward to help brand new members in the Hive communities, and to give them that little bump up the ladder that I got. I do however also want to promote the values held dear to Hive and the Proof of Brain community, including engagement with others, using your brain, support of your fellow members, and investment in the community.

So here we are with the 2nd edition of this contest :-)

The prizes:

The first 2 prizes are solely for brand new Hive members who meet a few simple requirements, and the rest of the prizes are for any member of the Hive, regardless of how long you have been on the platform.

All new member participants' names will be entered into random.org to create a randomised winners ranking.

First prize: 25 POB
The first person in the randomised ranking who also satisfies the below-listed criteria will win 25 POB, a follow from me, and a reblog of one of their recent posts.

2nd prize: 15 POB
The 2nd person in the randomised output list who also satisfies the below-listed criteria will win 15 POB, a follow from me and a reblog of one of their recent posts.

3rd prize: 10 POB
All curators who make meaningful engagement comments on somebody else's entry comment (something more than "I liked this" for example), will go into a second random.org draw for a prize of 10 POB, a follow from me and a reblog of one of their recent posts.

Bonus prizes: Total 15 POB
This month I also have an additional 15 POB sponsored very kindly and generously by @corporateay, and sent to me a month ago for this purpose :-) This will be split between 1-3 contestants and awarded entirely at my discretion for what I believe to be the most well-considered and high-quality entry and/or engagement comments in the contest. This last one is to encourage thoughtful entries and positive meaningful engagement with each other. Your entry/engagement could be serious, touching, uplifting, or funny, just the one/ones that I liked the most!

Winning either of the first 2 prizes does not preclude you from winning the 3rd engagement prize or one of the bonus prizes for quality submissions/comments 😜

Criteria for the first two prizes:

You must have joined the Hive on/after 01 July 2021. I was going to make this 1 August as last month's contest was based on 1 July but felt I should relax this parameter a little to give more people a chance to get comfortable on the platform. So 1st of July it is!

Then, you need to be able to tick just 3 out of the following 4 simple criteria to qualify to make an entry comment (although I'm hoping in time you will aim to tick all of them):

  1. You have posted at least 10 meaningful and constructive comments on other members' posts across any Hive community (ie: Not just a quick and simple spammy "nice post" or "I enjoyed this". You don't have to have gone overboard😜, just prove meaningful engagement with the author in a few lines of text).

  2. You have posted the following number of articles since you joined and at least one post must have been through the Proof of Brain frontend, either proofofbrain.io or proofofbrain.blog (ie: you are using your brain). The criteria will be met as follows: If you are a July joiner - 4 articles required, August joiner - 2 articles required, and September joiner (if you are eager to join in) - 1 article required.

  3. You have followed at least 5 people AND reblogged at least 1 article from another member (ie: you are supporting fellow members). You are welcome to reblog this contest article to reach more new people but it is not a requirement of the contest😜

  4. You have staked/powered up at least 25% of your earnings to date, regardless of value, (ie: you are investing in the community)

That was easy wasn't it? 😍

Now that you have qualified, please provide a constructive meaningful comment (approx 3-4 lines will suffice but you may write more if you wish 😜) on this post about your positive and/or negative experiences of the Hive platform/community since joining, and you will be entered into the contest for one of the first 2 prizes. Your entry comment can relate to anything to do with your personal experience of the Hive, from the joining process, your experience of its communities, from an author or curator's perspective, the rewards system, the engagement, what you have learned, the good the bad and the ugly are all welcome. If we can all learn from each other's experiences about what works and what doesn't, our Hive will be a better place for everyone.

I will keep the contest open for 7 days which gives everyone the chance to meet the criteria, if you haven't done so already, and to get your entry in.

EDIT: I was unable to tag everyone until today 11/09/2021 and so have decided, in fairness to all, to extend the contest until midnight Wednesday 15th Sep GMT to allow for more participation :-) Winners will be announced on Friday 17th Sep and prizes paid the same day :-)

All new member entries will get a 100% upvote from me on their entry comment only. Any other upvotes to further engagement on this post or with other entrants will be at my discretion and will depend on the level of engagement.

If you are reading this and are new to the Hive or Proof of Brain, I do hope you are motivated to take part, and, if you are not new, but see the value in this contest, a reblog to reach more new members would always be appreciated.

Good luck and welcome to the Hive and Proof of Brain, and here's to Paying It Forward #PIF :-)


A bit about me
I have been active on the Hive and in Proof of Brain, PeakD, and Leo Finance communities for 3 months, and I am completely addicted to the buzz I get from the many genuine connections that I make each day with people from around the globe!

I have posted 36 articles over my short time here, averaging just under 3 articles a week and spend a lot of time curating both informative articles and creative submissions across a wide range of interests, genres, and formats. Diversity is important to me! 😍 I love learning and growing through wide reading and active engagement, and nurturing relationships as I go about my day, and consider my daily level of authorial and curator engagement a good balance between my IRL (In real life) and digital presence.

I regularly contribute to @comet.ranker (the engagement brainchild of @wil.metcalfe) and have just started working with @dreemport which seeks amongst other things, to reduce spam and scam low-quality posts, increase the visibility of genuine newcomer's posts, and promote quality writing and curation. Please do check them both out! They explain their projects so much better than I ever could! Excellent and very worthy projects that I highly recommend being involved with if you are serious about writing and curation.

My most recent posts


Baxter's Flight of Fancy - Finding Gratitude in Self-Reflection

Getting screwed over by senior management ... and why blockchain is the answer

Photo credit; Alleksana

Photo credit: Fauxels - Pexels.com

Photo credit: Zachary Debottis


@wil.metcalfe isn't it lovely to see some of these comments from newbies on the Hive? I asked for 3-4 lines ...or more if they wished🤩Future comet lovers I hope! ☄️ and of course @wrestlingdesires never fails to provide support in the comments. He pops up everywhere 😂💗🙏

I can't bee everywhere, but I sure do try ☄️

Hey thanks for running this contest and for encouraging newbies. I've been on Hive 10 days now and I'd say that's the thing that makes it stand out - people want to encourage and get to know each other - more than any other online community I've experiences.

I'm still finding my way around hive but I think I meet 3 of the criteria for the contest - the staking/powering up, the commenting and the following people - and I've followed a fair few and just reblogged this article (something I'd yet to try).

Anyway thanks again - and especially to @stickupboys who encouraged me to try hive - it's great to be here!

Good work and I am glad you like it here! !PIZZA and !LUV






@tdctunes, you've been given LUV from @stickupboys.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/1)

@tdctunes! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @stickupboys.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (5/20)

Fantastic, great to have you on board in this contest. Good luck.

You might be here for only 10 days but by reading through your comment, I can tell that you have the one most needed skill to excel here.

You can engage. Keep it up.

Hey thanks loads for the encouragement!


@mmykel! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @tdctunes.

Did you know you can earn $PIZZA daily by delegating HivePower to Hive.Pizza? (1/20)

You're welcome.

Hi :-) I'm not sure if I fulfill the requirements for point Nr 2 because by now I didn't even know this extra frontend exists. But I posted with the tag of pob, is this the same? I think the other 3 points I have done already.

To be honest when I saw your posting tagging me, with the reminder for this contest and these 1000 people mentioned and an external Link, I thought this would be a pishing thing. Because somebody told me to be careful with external links. So I asked in the Terminal and they told me this would be ok.

I came to Hive because I searched for something new, without zensorship. Not because I have something to tell wich might have been zensored. Just because I think this old system where someone chooses what I should see or not see does no longer fit for me.

For me it was difficult to understand how things work with kryptos and hive. Because my english isnt that good and there are not much informations in german available. By Chance I found the way to DACH and Terminal Community and they helped me a lot.

What I didnt espect but now is the thing I like the most here is this great community thinking. Not this "I have more" "I am more" "pay me and I help you" thing. But this "we together are hive" feeling. Thats great :-)

Thanks for inviting me to this contest

One of the cheapest way to do anything is to stay in an environment where that thing is being done. Being here will help you to easily learn of crypto. I believe that the best form of lesson is learned by practice. As you mingle with others, you'll learn about cryptos and your English speaking skill will also improve with time.

HI @beeber, thank you for your comment :-) you are very welcome to enter. You only need to satisfy 3 of the 4 criteria in order to write a qualifying entry comment so check the other criteria and perhaps you qualify already :-) if you satisfy the other three criteria then a post using proof of brain frontend is not necessary for this contest. If you haven't satisfied the other 3 criteria, then you can always write a new post by wed midnight GMT using proofofbrain.io or proofofbrain.blog frontend ;-) Good luck :-)

Thank you @samsmith1971 for you answer. And now 🤔 is there anything to do or to write for it? Or all done by leaving my coment here 🤔

If all that is needed is to leave a comment, then simply write 3-4 lines or more if you want on your experiences of the Hive, and/or any specific Hive communities that you belong to, since you joined; the good, the bad or the ugly :-) You can get an idea from what other people have written so far. You may make your comment on this post :-)

Greetings. Once more thanks for the opportunity. Its been barely a month since i joined hive and i have already met so many amazing people and impacted in a lot of positive ways too. A friend introduced me to #proofofbrain and the #pob talk show by @vempromundo.pob. Ever Since Then The Show Has Grown On Me. Also @dreemport is a mother and a friend to me, actually met her on a different platform then we reunited here.
Then there is also @Mariannewest freewrite and the #freewritehouse who help in so many ways to improve my writing skills.
Thanks and God bless

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Wait! You were in Uptrennd? Glad to see that you have met a lot of interesting personalities already.

No doubt, you're already on a good path.

You were in Uptrennd?

Yeah I was, and honestly it feels great meeting my old friends and family here.

Glad to see that you have met a lot of interesting personalities already.

Indeed I have met so many awesome personalities here. I'd sayit's difficult to spend a day here without meeting an amazing person, because the platform is full of great people of great minds

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Yeah I was, and honestly it feels great meeting my old friends and family here

It feels so good. It'slike s reunion after war. Can you recognize me from Uptrennd? BTW what was your username on Uptrennd?

Indeed I have met so many awesome personalities here. I'd sayit's difficult to spend a day here without meeting an amazing person, because the platform is full of great people of great minds.

Indeed, amazing people are all over the platform.

Keep on exploring bro.

It feels so good. It'slike s reunion after war.

Lol that's so true. An amazing reunion. I was really surprised to see so many of them here.

Can you recognize me from Uptrennd? BTW what was your username on Uptrennd?

I can't really recognize you. Were you in the university? My username was same as here @doziekash_

What was yours?

Keep on exploring bro.

I will surely do that, because there's a whole lot to explore on this awesome platform

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That's wonderful :-) I'll be going around and upvoting comments later as my voting power is low at the moment and I want to ensure I give everyone the benefit of the highest possible 100% upvote :-)

Your efforts are much appreciated. Such kindness encourage newbies to keep putting more effort.
Remain blessed

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Hi! I've been with Hive for a month now. I am fascinated with the idea behind the project. However, Hive is very hard for those who are just starting out. For one thing, the learning curve on Hive is high: from how to create an account to understanding how votes, rewards, resource credits, etc. work. I read a lot of articles on the subject, but I think there are still a lot of things I don't quite understand. On the other hand, it's hard at the beginning to get others to read your content, no matter how good it is. Sometimes I feel that the system rewards the users and not so much the content, that is to say, that whatever some users publish is automatically rewarded, without caring so much about the quality, while in other cases there are articles of great quality that hopefully exceed the dust threshold. Of course there are also a lot of people reading and commenting, but I would like to see more reading and less automated voting. Well, this is my experience so far on Hive and, despite the rough start, I think it's still a wonderful platform. Sorry if I made any writing mistakes, English is not my native language. greetings!

You wrote well. It's concise and readable.

I can relate with everything that's said, I'm obviously not a veteran here, neither is Samsmith. And that's what I like most about this her initiative. Sometimes after we might have gone really far, we may find it difficult to remember how we started and the difficulty that was associated with it. But that's not the case here.

For the difficultly; I take it one step at a time. I don't try to understand everything. I do what I know and learn others as I grow. I also ask useful questions.

Talking of the upvotes, you are not wrong. But you need to understand that this is a social network, as result people will look out for those they have previously had a form of connection with. Beside posting, create genuine relationship.

The truth is genuineness will win on the long run. I have seen enough to say this with boldness.

I love your observations. It's 100% true.

Hello! Thank you very much for your reply. My strategy (so to speak) is as you say: learn little by little and try to write quality content, without getting desperate for votes. And also, of course, connect with other people. For example, in these last few days I learned about witnesses and tokens (I had several tokens and I wasn't even aware of it). To connect with other people it was very useful for me to participate in contests and initiatives. No matter if you win or not, these contests are a great opportunity to meet people. And yes, I agree, in the long run authenticity will prevail.

You're welcome. You're doing well already. With time your efforts will pay off.

Great to have you here @agreste. Have you come across @ryzeonline 's beginner guides as yet? You can find them here: Hive - a complete beginners guide with fun doodles pt1 and Hive - a complete beginners guide with fun doodles pt2. Hopefully they will demystify things for you and others ;-) If you find them useful, please do let @ryzeonline know in the comment section on his articles ;-) I am sure he would appreciate the engagement and feedback.

I deeply appreciate every comment, and do my best to answer all. Welcome to hive @agreste , and thank you so much @samsmith1971 , I trust my guides are helpful. Wishing you both a great day! 🙏

Thank you very much for the reception! I read the first part of the guide. I found it excellent, very clear and well explained. I continue with the second part!

So glad to hear it! Part two has some juicy tidbits and tips! 😁🙌🙏

Thanks so much for the recommendation! I'm going to read those guides.

Hello! @samsmith1971 , thank you for this amazing opportunity you have given to the newbies like us to express ourselves and get some support and regard doing so.

Yeah! I meet up with all the requirement to participate on this second edition, last one I could not meet all the requirements, reason been that I Was still trying to find my feet here.

And I'm glad to say that in my experience so far I have really improve in my activities here on the hive.

I have made some really cool post of which I'm really proud of, it earns some cool rewards as well.

I do engage with other hive members as also , this I find really enjoy doing because it has helped me a lot to learn from there own experience and I think that's the is most fun part of the hive for me.

Doing this has made me to improve in my writing skill, before the hive I was just someone with a lot of stuff stunk in my head without knowing much of how to put them into writing but now I could click my keyboards and share my thought with a lot of like minded people across the Globe. Isn't that amazing?

Yeah! It's amazing. We all started with shaky legs, but consistency gave strength to our muscles and bones. Today we can even afford to run.

It's true that as you keep on writing, you'll become better in the art. So just keep at it.

yay! that's great news @funshee. So pleased you could join in this time :-)

Have you joined The Ladies of Hive community yet? They have a weekly contest too and seem to be a very supportive community.

I haven't , but i will check it out.

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Greetings to you all my lovely people on the hive platform, I am barely 52 days on the platform, i joined in the month of July precisely. i was introduced to the platform by a friend and college @uyobong. Whem i started, i took some time the first few days to learn about a few stuffs on the platform, and to familiarize with the activities onboard the platform.

Having gone through that, I did my introductory post, surprisingly, the upvotes and comments were amazingly encouraging.
Following the upvotes that i had, i started engaging the members of the communities by following them, through them i got to learn more, after few days i came in contact with the proofofbrain community and my interest for creating quality content began to grow, and joy was every were. I never believe that i would go this far, but by Gods grace, during the proofofbrain power up week BPUW, i was able to power up +60POB and that was a plus for me as newbies, earlier today l had receive notification that have been among the seven persons who participated in the last BPUW.
just over the last few days, about 3 of my post on the cross culture community has been among the trending post in that community, trust me the joy is overwhelming, the support is massive and the journey has been a fruitful one.

I had a very slow beginning, but today the story is a different one, i will not be surprise that greatness lies ahead, I have learnt consistency and commitment to personal development, as the key on this platform. I have no regret for joining hive and i want to say a big thank you to the proofofbrain community for availing me the opportunity to develop my writing skills and bringing out the best in me, thanks to @samsmith1971 for the great work so far, For all my friends, followers and supporters, thank you and thank you, this is just the beginning, more are yet to come. ***This is my journey so far on hive, am excited to share with you, once again thanks for having me @ekotmordemy.

@ekotmordemy are you from Akwa-Ibom or Cross River State in Nigeria, I'm asking because of the name of the person that invited you.

Your reputation, after few months has already affirm your claim.

I don't have much to say, because it's obvious that you're already on the right path.

Keep growing with the same energy. Don't lower it.

thanks so much @mmykel, am a native of Akwa Ibom state, but i do also spent some good time in cross river, who happens to be my closest neighbor

You're welcome. I'm from Akwa-Ibom as well. You stay in Uyo?

Yea my broo, Uyo is my current place of resident, glad to have you here, once and again you are welcome.
Abasi odu ye afo,,,,,

Good day to you na/sir
Thanks so much for the encouragement. You have a good heart and I would always appreciate you for that.
Yeah! I met with three of the criteria. I am yet to stake some pob because I just joined this September. So I am still struggling my way out through contests and challenges
I hope before three months time I would have made myself a better reputation just like you are.
You are a mentor and a role model to us on the platform.
Good to have you

Yeah! To the other aspect about hive!
Hive is good and a great platform that brings togetherness to the decentralized system
One thing I appreciate about hive is the link to blockchain. Post made are help over the years. Even if you lost your account.
Compared to a blogging platform I was before now, the CEO decided to sell off the platform and everyone writing lost their write ups and all they have done
Their reputation and even their dear tokens.

It wasn’t something easy to take as many of them were still striving to become a better blogger. This would have pulled them down and demotivated them.
I was also down but since I am a blogger I decided to find my way forward for the love of writing. So I got myself back on hive again and proof of brain 🧠 being my favorite. I use peakd too. But I am yet to get myself acquainted with other sections.


You just wrote a post here. 😂

That horrific experience, was such that if not for the love of writing, some of us would have ended blogging career. 😃

But just like you, I picked myself up again.

The link to blockchain is indeed of great advantage. I mentioned the security and protection hive provides for contents on one of my posts.

You're doing well already bro.

Having been recently using Hive for informative and instructional tutorial on certain topics initially; expanding horizons and involving myself with both the POB community and Urbex community was probably the most positive experience on Hive thus far - being introduced to this wonderful group of people and amazing support! Thank you for this contest! Good luck to all!

Fantastic! Sorry I was curating comments in the order they appeared on my feed so didn't realise that you had already made you separate entry comment ;-)

No worries! I did a little bit more of a summary there anywho :)

I've always ran away from anything writing. I used to read novels no doubt, and even scribble some thoughts down on a piece of paper but I had never thought my brain able to write anything others would be able to read.
That changed a few months ago when someone asked me if I could write and I answered yes in good faith. That answer brought me into the Hive and ever since then I've been able to learn, write and read well drafted posts from really good authors.

What I learnt first was engagement, how to genuinely relate with other people and share one experience or the other, it's really fun.

There's nothing to be scared about, just be you, everyone will learn to accept you for who you are.

God bless you

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I noticed you first through the comment section, I even had to ask someone if she's the one that brought you to hive. Lol

That was because the way you engaged was similar to the person's.

I found out who introduced to the platform anyways, and I'm not in anyway surprise. She thought you some vital lesson.

And as a matter of fact you're showing authenticity already.

Cheers to continuous growth.

Haha, I'm glad I had to learn from the best. I just hope I'll be able to live up to expectations and be consistent.
I enjoy quality posts, and don't hesitate to let the author know when I read one.

Cheers to continuous friendship 😌

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I trust that you will. It's simply by taking it one step at a time. You're already doing that well enough.


Haha, who was this someone you had to ask??

Yeah I must say I'm really grateful to her for bringing me here, she's been phenomenal in my growth and doesn't think twice before challenging me.

I'm glad you think that way of me already. I hope I live up to that expectation my friend.

Cheers to continuous friendship !

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Thank you @samsmith1971 for creating this contest. It is a great initiative to help newbies like me to get involved and engage with others.

I just joined Hive 2 weeks ago. So far, I can tell:

  1. Positive: Firstly, I start growing my interest in writting. I didnt like to write before. So thats a great start as I want to improve it. Secondly, i met new people and got their huge support. It is so great as I have never felt anything like this with FB or Instagram. Third, I learn new things - a lot. If I didn't join Hive, I would have missed out on this. Lastly for now, I have my motivation to wake me up early without my alarm. The last thing I do every day is writting and engaging on Hive. The first thing in the morning is what I should write on Hive. Thats awesome.

  2. Negative: So far, I find it hard to understand and use the interface of Peakd sometimes but I do believe it will chabge in the future

Thank you for this opportunity to engage on the Hive platform. I am new to hive and noticed from my write up that lots of people don't go through, comment or upvote what other community members wrote or posted. I have experienced some of my post about four for now that was never commented upon or upvoted.

Qué tal Hivers! me pareció muy interesante esta iniciativa, y dado que a mi amiga @anto012 que hace poco que entró a la colmena la invitaron, me puse a leer las reglas y ayudarla para que pueda hacer su entrada y pueda ganar su premio en POB. Creo que Hive es una hermosa plataforma que te da la oportunidad de expresarte en todos los sentidos de la vida, ya que hay nicho para TODO!! En lo que a mí respecta, entré sola, sin saber nada, pensando que era totalmente otra cosa, de a poco fui leyendo, me mandé mis macanas por plagio, sin saber lo que estaba haciendo, tuve hasta que hacer un post de disculpas y fue así como aprendí de la dinámica, de cuál es el tipo de contenido que les gusta a ustedes, de cómo estructurar mi publicación, qué etiquetas poner, y en qué comunidad publicar. Desde el 7 de mayo hasta el día de hoy he tenido tanto aprendizaje que no puedo compararlo con otra red social, porque además ganamos en tokens y en Hive, una criptomoneda que tiene muchísimo potencial dentro de la Block Chain. Hoy doy gracias a la vida por haber conocido y sin saber, haber apostado a lo que hoy tiene sus hermosos frutos, el poder integrar a otras personas como por ejemplo a nuestra querida vecina @dannymoreira, a mis queridas amigas @anto012 y @simolestomequedo, a mi hermana @amaranto, y a otras personas que sé que en algún momento podrán dedicarle un tiempo a este hermoso mundo que se llama Hive. Espero tengan todos un excelente día y muchos éxitos a los nuevos! BUEN VIAJE!!

How about Hivers! I found this initiative very interesting, and since my friend @anto012 who recently entered the hive was invited, I began to read the rules and help her so that she can enter it and win her prize in POB . I think Hive is a beautiful platform that gives you the opportunity to express yourself in all the senses of life, since there is a niche for EVERYTHING!! As for me, I went in alone, without knowing anything, thinking that it was totally something else, little by little I was reading, I sent my mistakes for plagiarism, without knowing what I was doing, I even had to make an apology post and This is how I learned about dynamics, what type of content you like, how to structure my publication, what tags to put, and in which community to publish. From May 7 to this day I have had so much learning that I cannot compare it with another social network, because we also earn in tokens and in Hive, a cryptocurrency that has a lot of potential within the Block Chain. Today I give thanks to life for having known and without knowing, having bet on what today has its beautiful fruits, being able to integrate other people such as our dear neighbor @dannymoreira, my dear friends @anto012 and @simolestomequedo, to my sister @amaranto, and to other people that I know that at some point they will be able to dedicate some time to this beautiful world called Hive. I hope you all have an excellent day and many successes to the new ones! GOOD TRIP!!

love this initiative :) It's so worth a reblog!!

@galenkp @flaxz I think you will like this post :)


thanks my friend🙏 I can only hope that other members see the value in it too. I'd love to keep it going ...

I have no doubt that they will :) Getting the word out to a lot of newbies will require a lot of reblogs though, because they are sort of lost at first!

True, I think I am going to need to tag each newbie individually like last month. It took ages as everytime I tried to do copy and paste of the member names it pasted it as one long link😫

Oh, use peakd for this. You can start to type the tag, and a list of suggestions complete with avatars will be presented :)

what tag would i type?

Oh, in your create post or reply field just type the @ symbol followed by the first few letters of their name. Give it a few seconds to look for users :)

aah yeah I do this already thanks; still have to type them in individually though. I was hoping I could take an excel listing, turn it into @username (which I did last month) and then copy and paste the block to Hive post but it just makes the entire batch into one long user name. so annoying

Hello there. Thanks A lot for this opportunity. I joined the platform on August. I have met the other 3 requirements, except the one about staking, i don't actually know how that is done.

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Welcome to Hive my fellow UU student :) !!! Feel free to settle in, you are going to love it here :) It's so much better than where we came from!!!

Wow Look whose here. I'm meeting A lot of old friends here and i must say its making me feel much more comfortable.
Thanks A lot for your warm welcome

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My pleasure, you are going to love Hive :)

Honestly I am already enjoying the platform. And meeting you all here makes me feel much more comfortable

Posted via proofofbrain.io

That's how it should be :) I do believe we will all find our way here soon

Look who's back😍 I can always count on you to appear and encourage newbies on the platform😀 ... already entered into the engagement side of the contest! Nice one.

I do my best :) Dozie isn't a newbie though, he's from our Dreemport family ♥️

If you have met all the criteria except for staking then you qualify to write an entry comment, although staking is a lovely way to invest in the community and improve the value of your own rewards :-) If you want to stake your POB or Hive tokens, you simply power them up in your wallet. Click on the little drop-down arrow in your wallet next to your token balance and select "stake" or "power up" (they mean the same thing). Then choose how many tokens to stake or power up and follow the prompts. If you stake / power up it will increase the value of your votes for curation rewards and will also provide greater rewards to those whom you upvote. Just note that if you want to power down/unstake at any time so as to be able to liquidate your tokens, this unstaking process takes place over a period of 13 weeks to ensure that the platform isn't hit with a flood of liquidity causing a potential decline in price. You will also need to submit your entry comment to enter :-)

Alright thanks a lot.
I just read the post again and saw that only 3 out of four is actually needed. I'll stake in due time, thanks for lecturing me on that

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ha ha no worries. I love powering up. It benefits everyone ;-)

thanks so much i just got the notification, have just read the post as well, looking at the criteria's I believe am good to go

Fabulous. Make sure you drop a comment onto the main contest post on your experiences so far on the Hive. I'll check both the main post and the reminder post anyway so no worries if anyone posts their comment on the wrong one ;-) It's the action of posting and the content that matters :-)

thanks much, am currently on that, you will get that in no longer time from now

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Hi @samsmith1971 I love to participate in the next contest, Thank you.

Fantastic! You know the drill lol. See what awesomeness you can put into a comment and maybe you might be in the running for one of the bonus prizes too :-)

Just a little nudge if you are still planning on entering ;-)