Today is all about that bike

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The red Montesa 348 from 1978 I restored last year.

Why? Why not?

People refuse to see what is in plain site. Politicians are whores and so is the media.


So until people wake up I am on the back wheel riding.

They are so easily bought and paid for are they not?
This is why any government worth it's own weight "should" print their own money and not tax people.


Build it back without them!

Another sunny day.
Another day I am going to abuse my power and sit on the back wheel of a bike with a grin a mile wide.

Got to laugh at it all.

What is next a 5th wave.

What have we missed with these waves?
Is it like a Mexican thing?

Are we supposed to throw our arms up in the air?

Boring is it not. politics.
My cats have ticks.

They live outside so it is expected.

Maybe we need to throw politicians out there too.

They threw them in bins next door in the Ukraine.


About time a few more were treated the same.

Have a superb day.


Lol that one way to get things done throw them in the bin.

LOL indeed it works.

Good for Ukraine, maybe some other places will take note. We need some warm and sunny days again. Almost all of our snow is gone, a few little melt piles from plowing left, but not much of anything.

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Lovely here today. Fell asleep in the sunshine after 8 hours of grind. It will no doubt make it harder to sleep tonight.

I sometimes take middle of the afternoon, early evening naps, and they have never made it hard for me to fall asleep at bed time, I need less sleep that night, so if I have early things to do the next morning, naps work out good for me.

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I fell asleep again at 8pm. Getting a bit tedious this now. Just keep falling asleep lark.

I'm getting ready to lay down, refrigerator left over pizza always makes me want to nap, the light rain outside does not help me want to stay awake either.

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Why are you still Poppy from England? I thought you were Dazza from Poland. You're not a tranny are you?

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