COIN REVEAL: Canadian Mint 2oz Kraken Silver Coin

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Authored by @@strenue

Today's coin reveal post features the Canadian Mint 2oz Kraken Silver coin struck in .999 fine silver.


1. Coin Packaging

Each individual coin is sealed in a plastic pouch. When purchasing multiple coins they come packaged in tubes.

2. Coin Details

a. Purity

The purity of each of these coins is .999 fine silver.

b. Details

Mint/Brand:The Canadian Mint
Silver Content:2oz
Purity:.999 Fine Silver

3. Coin Design

I really like the design of this coin. It is very unique and eyecatching. Canadian Mint have some really great coin designs, the only thing that frustrates me a bit about their coins is they they do have a tendency to develop milk spots, which impacts the resale value if it is a collector type coin.

I am not sure if this specific design is susceptible to milk spots, but I know my Canadian Maples coins definitely are.

a. Reverse Design

The reverse of the coin depicts a fearsome Kraken or monster of the sea. The tentacles of the Kraken are wrapped around two ships. It is in the process of crushing the ships.

The design includes an inscription 'Canada' and the coin weight '2oz'.

b. Obverse Design

The obverse of the coin portrays the effigy of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The denomination of the coin inscribed on the coin is '10 DOLLARS'.

Post authored by @strenue
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I got the Werewolf over the Kraken at this time, my jury's still out on this version of the Kraken

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The Silver coin is nice. 2 oz is good for collecting !

These are not too bad I got a love for 2 ozers

That's a squid 🤔

That is one ugly kraken. But it’s two ounces of shiny.

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Nice stack of Krakens, Strenue - @strenue. Real Money!

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