COIN REVEAL: Scottsdale Mint Stacker Bar

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Today's coin reveal post features the Silver Stacker struck by Scottsdale Mint. This is my sixth post posts on coins, bars and rounds produced by Scottsdale Mint over the next few weeks. Scottsdale is a precious metals mint located in Scottsdale, Arizona in the USA. They manufacture and distribute amazing precious metals coins, bars and rounds direct to the consumer via their online website.

Every product that I have seen produced by Scottsdale Mint is of exceptional quality and design, the company states that they have 'a strict quality policy and only create products that exceed the highest standards of purity, weight, quality, and craftsmanship'.

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1. Coin Story

The Scottsdale Stacker bars come in three sizes, the smallest is the 10oz bar, followed by the 1kg bar and finally the 100oz bar. The 10oz Silver Stacker bar is actually one of Scottsdale Mint's most popular products. Investing in precious metals can be quite a daunting prospect for a lot of new investors and stackers, so the 10oz bar is the perfect size for those who are new to silver, as you can buy 10oz of silver for a lower per ounce price than a silver coin or round, but you do not have to invest a large amount of money like you do for the larger 100oz Stacker Bar.

These stacker bars are a thing of beauty in my opinion and such a great way to stack silver. They look really awesome when the are nicely stacked on top of each other.

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2. Coin Packaging

The stacker bars do not come in any fancy packaging as they are bars and designed to be held and enjoy by the stacker. If multiples are purchased they will be shipped in a sturdy cardboard box, as once you but a few of these bars in a box it becomes heavy very quickly.

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3. Coin Details

a. Purity

The purity of each of the bars is .999 fine silver.

b. Details

Mint/Brand:Scottsdale Mint
Silver Content:10oz, 1kg, 100oz
Purity:.999 Fine Silver
Year of Issue:N/A

Even the underside of these bars are special as they showcase a spiral pattern with the Scottsdale mint mark that ensures the authenticity of the bar. For me these bars are a symbol of quality workmanship and clever, well executed design.

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They look really high quality indeed

I love Scottsdale Mint!

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So much history attached to this coin

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