Handling Your Attraction to Distraction

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Distraction is when you sit in a coffee shop to finish stuff due the next day but end up watching a fine ass person walk by from the glass window instead. Okay, that's more like attraction, but anyway you know what I mean. Distraction occurs when a very appealing thing comes up when you're in a middle of a not so desirable moment of task accomplishment, because you know you'd rather be somewhere else that when an idea appears like that, half your mind then begins to wander for a break.

Resisting Temptation

Even Jesus Christ knows how irresistible temptation really is, so why should you feel bad about giving into temptations when you're just a mortal with hormones that push you to act on things that feel right or in this case, at least good at the moment? Now, see, that's when we all trip and fall face flat on the floor of regrets and unfinished tasks when to be honest it's kind of easy to resist temptation.

First of all, it's kind of hypocritical for me to tell you that it's easy to resist temptation because I'm not a hundred percent a master of that art. However, it just really is easy in a sense that you only have to have a strong value for your time, so that when temptation comes, you could just turn your back on it because you know you have a timetable to follow. Another important thing is to have a strong mind over any matter so that you'd prioritize that essay due soon than your itch for porn that could just be satisfied later even for an entire day if you'd just finish what's currently in demand to be gotten over with.

Those things do not seem difficult to do, right? Well at least when put that way, it does sound like a piece of cake, and that's exactly what you have to do--always put in mind that resisting temptation is easy and there is a reward waiting for you when you manage to do it just like that porn marathon.

Fool Yourself

One time, I tore a page of my textbook I had to read for a test the next day. It was in a general course I am not really interested in, thus that level of frustration over the subject itself and having to deal with it that distracted me so much I reached for my phone to browse memes in a bad mood. In times like that, you just have to yank yourself out of that agonizing feeling of wanting to rest yet aiming for an A+ at the same time, and how does one do that?

It's not always the same solution for everyone, but I think fooling yourself like how advertisements get to your head might just be that universal solution you've been searching for. When I finally realized that tearing a page of my textbook was indeed crazy, I tried to calm myself down and made myself believe I gave a damn about scientific names of animals. Somehow I found a way to amuse myself with how some scientific names of animals could be used into corny dad puns that helped my "you like this topic" hypnosis work. It might not be what my professor wanted me to take from all that, and frankly I don't think I'd use much of those either in a career in law, but at least I still educated myself. Also, in the end I ended up enjoying learning all of those things I thought I was never going to be at least a bit interested in.

See, you fool yourself into liking something and end up being genuinely into it. Not a bad deal, right?

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