Quarantine Life: Day 73, Challenges Before the Quarantine Ends

Source: Pixabay

After being in quarantine for more than two months, there are challenges that everyone will face. Of course, the government has a lot of things to do to prepare. Every individual also needs to keep up with the changes. When I woke up this morning there are things running through my head. Outdoor activities like what we used to do in ny head, but I immediately remembered the quarantine. Thinking about the quarantine for more than two months is something we didn't even expect to happen. It has been affecting us in so many levels. If you are weak mentally and emotionally, it can take its toll in your health. Yeah, there are lots of challenges while on quarantine, as well as before it ends.

Coronavirus cases

The surge of cases didn't seem to stop. Currently, the number of cases is already 5.58 million. Fatalities is already at 350k, with recovered patients up to 2.28 million. It seems the number of surge in the US is at the same level. The current number of positive cases is at 1.715 million, 100k deaths, and 360k recoveries.

There's quite a huge surge in the Philippines as 14,669 confirmed cases are listed. There are 886 fatalities listed, and 3,412 recovered cases. No new cases for days in Pangasinan, but there are 6 confined persons under investigation at this time.

What to expect

Yes, there's what we call the new normal so things won't be the same as we used to. With regards to our household, there are bills to pay. Actually, 3 months of electricity, water utility, and internet bills are in line to be paid. Just so many things to consider. If you are unable to go back to your job, how can you pay them? Even going out, pay rates in public transportation is even doubled. These are just one of the things we are to face during these times.