Weekly Quello Report (July 20, 2020 - July 26, 2020)

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Welcome to the Quello Weekly Report for July 20, 2020 to July 26, 2020. Each week we publish an update surrounding the usage of Quello and give you an insight into the top questions being asked.

User Statistics

The following provides an insight into the total number of users interacting on Quello.

New Users (Logged In)36
Unique Users Creating & Answer Questions38
Users Creating Questions25
Users Creating Answers21

Top Questions

The following questions were voted as the most popular questions by the Quello community.

QuestionAuthorVote Score
Should Quello Add A Hive Engine Coin?@whatageek5
Is there a chat/instant messaging app on Hive?@martusamak3
Should Quello add Tip option on their platform?@alokkumar1213
What Dapps you use daily on HIve?@reeta01192
Why Telegram is not as popular as Whatsapp?@reeta01192
What's your thoughts about the balance between content creator and consumers ?@reeta01191
Do you believe that there is Supernatural Being who created the Universe called God? Yes or No...@hiro-hive1
What do you think the price of Splinterlands cards will look like in 1 year?@tobias-g1
What is the best way to educate people on cryptocurrency?@imfarhad1
What is your daily routine to stay healthy?@jungleonion1
What do you use most in this covid19 pandemic to clean your hand Soap or Sanitizer?@face2face1
What is the best wallet to store Cryptocurrency?@rezoanulvibes1
Is A Higher Volume And Quality Of Content Key To Attracting New Users To Quello?@markkujantunen1
Are you excited for POSH token launch?@alokkumar1211
What Makes You work on Hive Platform?@reeta01191

Active Question Creators

The following users have been creating the most questions on Quello.

UserQuestion Count

Active Answer Creators

The following users have been creating the most answers on Quello.

UserQuestion Count

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Awesome stats. Just found your dapp today. I really like it, and see a lot of potential in the field!!!

Stackoverflow is a wonderful site that helps a lot of people.

Are you planning to gamify #quello like SO?

Thanks for the kind words, we'll be adding some gamification in the coming weeks/months, we've got a fairly solid foundation with the releases we've made in the past month, now we plan to really focus on engagement and how we can reward our contributors.

If you ever need anything, feel free to drop us a message, always happy to help 👍