Is it Lame to upovote yourself ??

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Hello Hivers and Lions


A stupid question since it's Monday.
Is upvoting yourself LAME?

When I use traditional social media, for example, Facebook and I see a person to like his posts I want to throw up :)
I always was a smartass and full judgment in self-likers. I know ... I am mean sometimes.
My wife told me that usually, people who don't have many followers - friends are showing this attitude since they want to feel more numbers in the like bar. I have 5k friends because of my line of work so she sees that I cant understand them.
My wife is always sympathetic to people, especially when I am a dick.

Since I Joined Hive and LEO I found myself unable to resist upvoting myself.
I am thinking that it's not the same because my vote = HIVE or = LEO so its a different issue.
But does it look needy in the higher ranks? Do people see my posts and think
"pfff, this guy upvote all his post how pathetic? " or is it normal to upvote yourself?

Some of you might think
WHAT A STUPID POST but when I think of something more than 3 times i learned to "ask"

So let's ask again
What do you think?


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Short answer, absolutely yes it is not good. It shows a greed that will get you flagged if it gets to be big enough. It has some exceptions but for the most part this is how many see it.

In what way? Most of the self voters I know get a lot of flak for it. I have found some that seem to have skirted that a bit but I don't know for how long.

I don´t know anybody who downvotes self votes, also never happened to me, and I post a lot.

It is absolutely OK to upvote your own posts. Most do.
If you don´t think your work deserves an upvote, who else should?
But only posts, your comments you shouldn´t upvote without a good reason.

I'm totally with @stayoutoftherz! Voting on your own posts shows that you value what you have created. I do it too, on all of my posts. Not to mention, it's your own HP that you're using to vote, which is yours after all, so it's up to you what you do with it.

Now, doing the same on your comments seems like a wasted vote to me. Who would get excited about a comment anyway? And what about maximizing rewards? While a post can be reblogged, cross-posted, or simply mentioned by others, a comment rarely is. However, I like to upvote other people's comments, if I think it was particularly engaging, interesting, thoughtworthy, humorous, or whatever reason I may like it for. Oh, and in case my voting mana is low, I can still buy them a !BEER

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