Which U.S. President? Quiz day #6

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(Update: This one has been closed as unresolved. I'm going to have to add a rule to prevent multiple guesses in one comment. However, the correct answer was James Madison.)

(No-one guessed it Yesterday? It's still open, go and give a guess. Are you the one who'll get the prize? This post is was scheduled, so I can't be sure whether someone has cracked it while I sleep.)

Like Yesterday, today's prize (in addition to a full comment upvote) will also be 250 Ecency points, 250 DEC, 10 HP delegation. The Splinterlands card I will give away will be another LVL 1 Untamed Crystal Jaguar (I think I'll keep it like this for the time being. I'll eventually have to change cards though.)

Here's the AI generated image:

There are 46 presidents in the United States. This one is apparently acting in Amazon's new "Rings of Power" series, in quite an important role even. I wonder if it was worth bringing in old characters from the Peter Jackson movies. I see Bezos didn't like the title and changed it to "Oorioi". Yea, "Rings of Power" kind of sucked.

The challenge is for You to come up with the actor's (Oops!) president's real name.

The first one who gets it right, will get the prize of a 100% comment upvote, 250 Ecency points, 250 DEC, 10 HP delegation, and a Splinterlands card.

The Splinterlands card I'll be giving away is an another LVL 1 Untamed Crystal Jaguar.

Click on image for card stats or here for lore.

This one may be easy. Who knows?

See you in the comments!


Frodo for president. :-D

Maybe John Adams or James Medison.

I do not know. Without the context, I would think that this is a cover of a Lord of the Rings production.

Which one?

Good question. Any of them can be. Their hairstyle are similar. But probably John Adams. His hairstyle looks more similar to the AI generated image.

I think I need to close this one as unresolved. The correct answer would've been James Madison, but I can't let people create lists of names in hopes of "gaming the rules" which there aren't many anyways. 😄

With a very challenging quiz, like this, it is very easy for anyone to create lists of names, and still miss it. :-D


I don't know if is the actor or president we are to mention but my answer is Elijah Wood.

The contest is now tougher

Yep, but I had to close this one after I realized there needs to be a change of rules to prevent multiple answers in one comment. (Not sure if I should add a rule to limit answers per poster too for the same reason.)

I think rules would be more appropriate.

Wrong! This one is a US president disguised as a character once played by Elijah Wood.😄

i try with Jimmy Carter

Not Jimmy Carter. You are welcome to try again!

Franklin Pierce look like him, maybe im wrong ahah


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Yea, not Franklin Pierce either. 🙂

I give up ahah I'm waiting for the results now I'm too curious :)

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Nope. 😎