Which U.S. President? Quiz day #7

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This quiz is now closed. President Zachary Taylor was correctly answered by @emeka4.

I will not currently be changing the prizes, so today's prize (in addition to a full comment upvote) will also be 250 Ecency points, 250 DEC, 10 HP delegation. The Splinterlands card I will give away will be (yet) another LVL 1 Untamed Crystal Jaguar (I think I'll keep it like this for the time being. I'll eventually have to change cards when they run out.)

Here's the AI generated image:

There are 46 presidents in the United States. Your job is to guess who this guy who is dressed very decoratively is.

The first one who gets it right, will get the prize of a 100% comment upvote, 250 Ecency points, 250 DEC, 10 HP delegation (on top of any previous delegation you may already have received from me), and a Splinterlands card.

The Splinterlands card I'll be giving away is an another LVL 1 Untamed Crystal Jaguar.

Click on image for card stats or here for lore.

See you in the comments!


My guess is Zachary Taylor

In only 5 minutes, that must be the new record. Congratulations! Zachary Taylor was correct!

I suppose you'll soon guess this one too. It's still open. 😅

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Sorry, it was Zachary Taylor, @emeka4 guessed it.