Inspirational Quotes #032

in #quotelast month

How are you today?
For post 32, our quote is written by Eleanor Roosevelt.


Do you believe in your dreams?
Do you think that you can dream dreams that could come to reality?
Take some time to read this quote time after time.
It will really make meaning to you.
Thanks for reading.


Dreams are our daily guidelines.
If we don't believe in it, who will?

That's right.
Thanks for sharing

Spend some money this weekend.
Monday is another day

That's me being serious

This is me making something happen

Money making machine doesn't give a dem about your wasteful time

He who doesn't work won't eat.
How about that

How can gun be used without being shot at someone

Gun is meant to kill and not to keep

Ive tried mate

Yay! 🤗
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