The C the F and the N

in #racism3 years ago

When a candidate or an applicant seeks election, a post, a commission or a job, mentioning their race, colour or creed, is just about the most racist, misogynistic, and or delusional statement you could make. If the job hasn't anything to do with the physical differences between men and women, which few do, then any mention that a candidate is female should be considered an insult. Since all the pertinent factors that make up an individual are mind related, the very last consideration, if at all, should be the physical package it comes in. All women don't win because one succeeds, any more than all blacks are criminals because a few commit crimes. Skin colour, sexual preference or race don't dictate intelligence or ability, wealth has more to do with that than any other factors. Tall, small, black, white, red, yellow, tan, grey, olive, female, male, young, old, straight, gay, for most of us, it isn't about those things, and if it is, it was most likely spoon fed to us. But it is still used, because Obama wan't just a president, he was the first black president. Just like Killary would have been the first female president had she not lost to the first insane one. The real irony is that if Obama had never been referred to as such, and had in fact demanded not to be, he would have actually done more to alleviate the real oppression in America than he ever accomplished on that road in eight long years in office. So who really perpetuates the hate, the racism, the misogyny and the warped individuals such propaganda seeds?