Coronavirus Musings

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The economic shutdown and soft quarantine disturb me deeply. I don't want to minimize the risk of the virus, but going the other direction doesn't make sense either. Caution is good, but what we face is fear fueled by yellow journalism and government grandstanding. The politicians and journalists have cried 'wolf' so many times it's hard to take them seriously, and I haven't been able to see why this SARS is exponentially worse than the last one.

The numbers being reported are so obviously skewed as to be statistically meaningless due to the lack of relevant information. It appears that many deaths attributed to the virus are parallel with many other health problems compounding the virus effects. The people most at risk from the coronavirus are the elderly, mostly retirees who don't work. They can shelter in place and self-isolate without requiring everyone else to do the same. Why does the economy need to be shut down except for whatever the politicians deem 'essential'? Sure, allowances may need to be made in other ways, and businesses need to encourage people who are sick to stay home. Take some personal responsibility of you think you might be infected. But don't pretend blanket dictates are a solution. Have some dignity there.

The economic consequences of this shutdown will manifest in the future, and the result will likely be death and impoverishment. Why do you trust government to weigh these costs and benefits when their economic forcasting has proven so poor in the past? Remember how we were told that without 'quantitative easing' and bailouts, the economic impact was predicted to be bad, and we were promised that after these interventions, it would be less, but the result was worse? Remember how the war in Iraq was going to be simple and quick?

This crisis is being used as justification to call for a 'universal basic income' and 'single-payer healthcaree.' Never mind the government's track record with the Veterans Affairs or my personal experiences with workman's comp demonstrating the flaws of government monopoly. Never mind that this will not actually increase the availability of medical facilities and professionals. No, just let government do it. That is supposed to be a solution. And welfare for all? Moving money around doesn't create wealth, it redistributes it. The real effect is a chain for politicians to yank and another bid for your loyalty to the political class at the expense of the productive economy. It's poison coated in sophistry, not benevolence.

Meanwhile, on the political front, we see a complete disregard for Constitutional restraint as everyone grabs as much power as they can using the virus as an excuse. We will never see the usurpations surrendered. The ratchet effect of power continues. Liberty is strangled just a bit more.

And the people cheer while begging for their 250 billion in bailout checks that mysteriously cost 2 trillion after pork barrel spending was tacked on. Your principles and your liberty are sold so cheaply. Please just stop trying to drag me into the abyss of debt and tyranny while you cheer it on.


Infinite money cheat activated!

I hope it doesn't sink to the point where I wish I had the infinite ammo cheat.

I think the National Guard might show up before then.

always refreshing to read your posts! ✌️