Rando Thursday - Get a free randowhale upvote

in #randowhalelast year (edited)

Add your own votable post link in the comments, and get a slot. I will promote the posts by using @randowhale (Burning 2 STEEM for each post)

If you’re not aware how randowhale operates, check this post.


  • Controversial posts are not eligible.
  • If you’re included in STEEM global blacklist API, you’re not eligible.
  • Only 10 comments are eligible for this party. First come, first serve.

Edit: 10 (+2) = 12 randowhale upvotes are sent. 24 STEEM burned.

Vote for my witness

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Curse you and that stupid blacklist:)

Thanks a lot. I really appriciate this. ☺

You're very welcome :))

Nice to see such initiative. This would must encourage content creators to create their own good content.