How 2 hours Journey Turned To 4hours | Lagos Terrible Traffic

in #rant6 months ago

Today traffic is one of the worst traffic I experience while staying in Lagos, I even thought yesterday traffic while coming back to Lagos from Sango Otta was terrible, i didn't know the real one will be waiting for me today. Since today is Good Friday, the federal goverment declared it as public holiday for workers even on monday which will be easter Monday, so people had to rush home yesterday afternoon which cause those traffic because almost everyone were on the road trying to reach their destination. After getting home, I was really tired and I slept off with the hope of going home to see my mum today in another state, My plan was to leave in the afternoon since the road will be free (my imagination) so I didn't arrange my things even my friends was just playing ps4 happily.

This morning he suddenly woke me up around 7:20am disturbed me from sleeping while asking me if we aren't going home this morning that he will love to attend the Good friday service at home in our mother church which he thought will start at 9am, I just laughed because he didnt hint me on time but I tried my best to pick up some few things to so we can be on the road. We left the house around 9am because I already told him he should forget about the service since according to my calculations, we will spend nothing less that 1hr 30mins on the road, immediately we reach ogba area, I knew my calculation is wrong because the amount of cars I met on the way, I knew we are in for it, when he saw it also, he just relax while I was bothered because I know my body will be tired from driving. When It comes to lagos traffic, as a driver you have to be extra carefully with your eyes wide open



This was exactly how the traffic look like, really rough, I couldn't take any pictures because I was the one driving and I had to concentrate on the road, everyone was trying to hop into any available space they can see or stay in the traffic for hours, I was even happy I wasn't hit but I had to shift the ac to my leg using the button so I can be comfortable, at some point I was feeling pains since I had to press down the brake pad for a long time and at some point I just put it to park, then to drive mood if there is chance to move forward a little bit and that took hours before we started moving free and I later found out they were repairing part of the road and this really cause the traffic. Going back to Lagos on Monday is what I'm currently debating on because most people will be back on that same day and the traffic chance is also high.