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Crispy Potato Wedges Recipe. Potato wedges are amazing snacks which are loved by everyone, I have used lemon seasoning and mint to give them fresh and delicious taste. This easy and quick recipe is best to satisfy your snacks cravings at any time. The tangy taste of lemon seasoning and fresh flavor of mint give such an amazing taste to crispy wedges. This is a perfect side dish for lunch, dinner and can be also eaten as a tasty snack. So try it at home and share your experiences below recipe.

Potatoes - 3-4 medium size
water to boil
salt to taste
maida- 1\4 cup
corn flour - 1\2 cup
black pepper powder- 1/2 tsp
red chilli flakes- 1 tbsp
red chilli powder 1 tsp
rice flour 3 tbs

oil to fry


  1. First wash and peel all potatoes. Now cut potato in wedges of equal thickness so that they can cook uniformly in pan. Just remember to get nice and crispy wedges potatoes should be totally dry. Similarly cut all potatoes in equal thickness wedges.

2- Now boil wedges in water for 5 mints until 50% cooked.
3- Strain the water cool down the wedges'
4- In a bowl add all ingredients and make mixture.
5-Now coat the wedges evenly.
6- Now fry in oil till golden and crispy.

  1. Now take them out in a plate and serve them hot.

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Delicious spices mix. I'm gonna try at home.