Is Reddit a competitor of Hive?

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I remember a while back when I tried to share a Steemit article on Reddit. It automatically went into the garbage, as Reddit kind of dismissed all articles published from Steemit.

There are ways to override this, but still, most articles shared from Steemit on Reddit will be garbage. And that is why I was asking myself the question, whether or not Reddit is a competitor of Hive? Should we fear Reddit and be afraid to mention it? My answer is: Not at all!


From the movie industry

I love watching movies and TV shows, and there is one thing I have noticed in comedies and other TV shows... they are often mentioning the products of opponents and other TV networks, even though it is kind of like mentioning their opponents and giving them free commercials. I don't really know why, but I have seen it many times. But, I believe being generous and allowing such things is proof that you are safe on your own product.

From the VPN industry

When you visit the website of a VPN provider, you will see some of them mentioning other VPN services in comparison tables. Of course, their very own VPN is always the brightest and best in such comparisons. But, you would never ever publish the same chart if your own VPN showed up worse than the others.

Now, the question is, should we fear Reddit in any kind of way? Is Reddit better than Hive? Not at all! I don't fear it at all. That is why I am not afraid to mention Reddit nor to write about it. And that is why I don't fear Medium, Blogger, WordPress, or other similar platforms either. Do you know why? They cannot stand up against the actual concept behind Hive. That doesn't mean that I don't use Reddit. I use it and I am dropping by a couple of times a week to check in one some communities there, but it cannot be compared to the time and energy I spend here on Hive.

They are all great in their own ways, but - the reason why they are more popular than Hive, is that the majority of people don't yet know about Hive. If they did, they would use it!

Of course, there are a few things I don't like about Hive (and Steem), but the fact that you can publish, discuss, earn, vote, and have a great time and find topics on the subjects you like in the communities, makes it a fantastic platform.

As a result, I don't fear any opponents. There are, some crypto-platforms running very similar to Hive. Should I fear those?

They could become a competitor, but the competition just makes the tough get even tougher. And I believe Hive has such a great collection of people working, that they will for sure be on the winning side, in the end, no matter what!

What is the conclusion?

Let us be bold and share the word about this fantastic platform. People will for sure love to be a part of it (if they know about it). And, don't worry about all those other similar platforms. They are cool in their own way, but will all the people looking for opportunities, blogging platforms, and communities online - there is more than enough space for everyone!


I dont think so, reddit is going become like digg, somethingawful and many other sites that failed to evolve over the years.

Haha, Digg is just something I vaguely remember from years ago :)

hmmm...reddit was too confusing for me to enter. Lot of levels to cross!!

As for HIVE...there is potential no doubth about that!!