Ghosts in my closet [Micro-Account]

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Ghosts in my closet

They take possession of you, of your surroundings without a word, they are already here. They feed on your fear, so try not to be weak when facing one of them, you may lose your battle.

This story begins at 8 years of age, I was a totally defenseless and innocent child with a very childish mentality. Since I have memory I sleep alone in my room this is on the top floor, my parents sleep on the bottom.

Upstairs we can find two additional guest bathrooms and a living room, nothing more. Which never scared me, but I was still helpless.

When it was time to go to bed, I always made my mother go upstairs, so that she would say good night and read me some of the stories she always has. After that she goes down to her room and I'm alone until the next day.

When I don't get sleepy I always look at my wardrobe, I stare at it until I fall asleep but this day was different, I start hearing strange voices that get in my head at first I thought the TV was on but it wasn't, this wasn't the case.

With a lot of fear I get up from my bed barefoot and in my pajamas, my objective was to hide and my first option was under my bed, I throw myself face down and close my eyes, seconds later I hear footsteps and open my eyes to see.

I managed to see two moving silhouettes, apparently feet but never saw the feet, 3 more steps and I could see the door of my closet opening, slowly cracking the wooden door as it opened.

The fear I manage to cover all my body and my hair stood up with a goose bumps on my whole being.

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